Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pour Your Heat Out

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Y'all, I'm mad. I've got some weight that I've got to shed. Real quick like. But why do they make it so flippin' hard??

Trying to eat healthy? Pffft....have you been to the grocery store lately? Healthy foods cost two arms and two legs!! Buying "healthy-er" and low fat foods for one person I could swing. But organic, whole wheat, low fat, yadda yadda yadda for 8 people will put you in debt real quick like. And I'm for shizzle not making 2 separate dinners around here. Making one meal big enough to feed all of us is work enough. Just one small package of shredded low fat cheese is $4.00. Do you know when I make casserole for my family I usually end up using 2 small, or 1 large, package of cheese. That's $8.00 just in low fat cheese. Paaaaleeeese folks....ain't gunna happen.

So I looked into a gym membership. Are they friggin' serious??!? No point in me getting a personal membership. Summer vaca starts in 7 days, which means I'll have kids with me at. all. times. Mr. Goose Poop works insane hours in the summer, and isn't home much. So I looked into a family membership at the Y. Yea...$200 enrollment fee, and $110 a month. Ha! Double Ha! That's $8.00 per day just for cheese on my casserole and $3.67 a day to go shake my jiggle away at the gym.

Ahhh....what's a girl to do??

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Have you looked into any sort of aid at the Y? I used to work at the membership desk at a Y and we gave away family memberships like they were candy.


I feel your pain! I don't have to feed 8 people but I'm otherwise in the same boat.

Making It Work Mom

That does stink. Sometimes you can just cut things out with getting all fancy schmancy and gimmicky. You know don't do the bread with your lunch meat, eat lots of veggies an fruits for snacks, etc.

I started the Couch to 5K program 6 weeks ago and it is working for me. I have to get up really really early (like 5AM) so I can run before everyone gets up, but I had to make the decision that I was going to do it. You should check it out - totally free!
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I know that Kate Gosselin only feeds her kids organic food and does it pretty budget wise. She has a blog you might check out...but I'm with you, that stuff is expensive! We have a gym that we pay $40/month for the hubs and I called Planet Fitness. If you have one near you there is a $10/month plan as well. :)


I know what you mean. Grocery shopping the other day I needed hamburger buns, I wanted wheat ones. One brand was on sale, BOGO, but they were hardly worth calling wheat. Another brand, which I bought, 100% whole what and better than the rest, cost me almost $3.00. For some bread!? IT is expensive to eat healthy and you have to shop more often when buying fresh vegetables and fruit.
Good luck!

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