Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Bow Hunting Eve

Mr. Goose Poop's never been a big hunter. That I know of anyway. And I've known him for 15 years, well 16 actually.

At any rate, he's never been a big hunter. Which doesn't break my heart any. I'm not a big venison fan. Everyone always tells me "oh you've got to try my dad's/brother's/husband's/great-uncle gilber's venison, you can't tell it's venison." Oh yes you can. Everyone says "you can't tell." Well, I beg to differ. You can totally tell.

I went off I was saying...Mr. Goose Poop's not a big hunter. Last year he went during gun season. He shot his first deer. And he decided he liked it.

So for his birthday this year the birthday fairy got him the bow he's been wanting.

And now here we are, an hour and 10 minutes until bow season starts, and I'm sitting in my living room all by myself. No kids. No husband. It's all quiet. And lonely. And


I can get used to this! I've got the remote to myself. I'm so watching Keeping up with the Kardashian's! I'm sprawled out on the couch. My cat is sitting on half of my laptop. The house is clean. I'm dreaming of throwing out my leg in bed tonight, without the usual accompanied "Uumpf!"

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Jacob's football game. At my own pace. I have a maternity shoot tomorrow afternoon. And the possibility of doing it up best friend style after that (cuz, you know...Mr. Best Friend is hunting too!). Sunday is filled with crap around the house. At my own pace.

The only bad thing?

I have to make my own coffee tonight for the morning. You see, that's Mr. Goose Poop's job. Every night he makes my coffee and sets the timer so I have coffee ready when I wake up.

But I'm thinking making my own coffee is a fair trade for a weekend all to my glorious self.

Yup, I can get used to this hunting crap. Hell, I'll even learn to like the damn venison if I have to.

Just as long as it's limited to 3 or less weekends per hunting season. Three is fair enough. A girl can only make her coffee so many times....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holy crap-o-la folks!

I know it's been awhile since you've last seen me, but I certainly didn't know it was this bad.

I couldn't even remember my password to get into my blog. For reelz. I totally had to go look it up in my handy dandy password book. Bad.

I don't even know how to explain the last few months around here. I can't believe how busy we've been.

Let me give you my schedule...
(I started to type out my schedule by time, but my fingers started to get tired, and I had taken up about 59 lines and I was only at Tuesday at 7:00pm!)

So, lets just say Monday and Tuesday I leave the house at 7:30 and don't get home until 7:30. And Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I leave the house around 2:30 and get home around 7:30. Between football practice for 4 boys (plus the one extra kid I bring home on football days), basketball for McKenzie, Cadets for Jacob, Girl Scouts for McKenzie (where, yes, I co-lead again this year), we get home around 7:30.

I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and throw work in the mix. Yes, real work. As in, go sit in my office in front of a computer all day for a paycheck, work.


It's only Monday and Tuesday for now, but I've already told them Monday's just aren't going to work for me anymore. Way to start a job, huh?

Since I haven't posted since, what sometime in June I think, you don't know that Mr. Goose Poop got me a dSLR camera for my birthday. It's just a technical name for a really really awesomely sweet professional camera. I'm so very excited. So, that's been keeping me busy. I've already done a senior photo shoot, and have two maternity shoots coming up. Plus, I'm also working for Mr. Goose Poop's dad's photo studio. I've been doing some school pictures for them. I just ordered new studio lights, umbrellas, and light tripods. I also got new backdrops, but I don't like the way they turned out, so I'm going to pick up something new Friday.

I can go on and on forever into eternity, but, alas, dinner is screaming at my from the stove, and we have company coming tonight.

I wanted to pop in and just say that in between all this chaos, I'm going to make sure I throw the blog back into the mix.

Hope all is well with my readers. Actually, I just hope I still have readers is more like it!!