Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today is one of those days where I feel like life can't get much better than this...

The Goose Poop family has had a teriffic weekend, and it's only Sunday afternoon! There's still more to come this afternoon. It's been one of those weekends that makes you thankful that God has given you this life, the life you're living right now. He hand picked it for you, and only you.

Friday ended with the start of McKenzie's basketball tournament. She's finally getting the hang of it. She no longer stands there looking lost, biting her fingernails, trying to befriend the other team! She's getting into it finally, and I *think* she's understanding the game/rules more.

They lost!! But, well, I don't know, at least they gave it their all, right??

Saturday was busy, busy, busy!! We headed out for the rest of the basketball tournament at 8:30 in the morning.

That's the first time she's gotten to throw the ball in, she was trying to not act siked!! =)

I know she looks like she's cheering, but really she isn't. She's finally remembering to keep her dang hands up to block!!

They lost! Again! But, well, I don't know, at least they gave it their all, right??

Right after the basketball game, we headed over to Jake's last football game for the season. I can't believe he just finished his first season of football!! We sat pretty far from the field, so I didn't really get to get many good shots. Oh yea, and my father in law came from Ithaca too! He made a stop at Jake's football game before heading over to my nephew, Sammy's, soccer game. So we all got to see him for a bit.

It started out raining, but after 15 minutes or so it kinda sorta quite. So it wasn't really raining but it really wasn't *not* raining. So here's the kids watching the game!! Cute, ah??

He didn't win his football game either!! But, well, I don't know, at least they gave it their all, right??

After the football game we had about an hour break. We came home, ate some lunch, then it was back for the last game of McKenzie's basketball tournament at 1:40!!

They didn't win! Again! But, well, I don't know, at least they gave it their all, right??!!?

Then it was back home. Again. To pack up some stuff and change. Then we all headed over to my parent's house for the annual Pumpkin Carving Party. They've been having this party the weekend before Halloween for the past, maybe, 18 years!! Mom puts on a big bash, makes some awesome fall-time food, and we all carve pumpkins in thier foyer!! Dad puts down a line of plastic in the middle, throws out the carving tools, and we all go at it! I think I overheard mom saying there was something like 48 pumpkins carved! Holy crap! The best part?? I get to see my "Corunna Family". We don't get to see them often, so it was a real treat to see them last night.

My dad paid Dylan $1.00 to clean out his and my mom's pumpkin!! He's 6, pretty much he'll do anything for a dollar!!

The first batch of people carving!!

Jake!! He's into art lately. So he decided to do a "cool" pumpkin, using a pattern! Turned out awesome!

Carving fools!!

Another round of people carving!

This was going to by my new header, but when whoever lit it, they broke the "O" out! Now it just looks silly! But it did at one point look really cool!

Here they all at lit up. Some weren't done yet, and some had already left! But isn't it cool? See my "Goose Poop" one? On the step above it is my other's Mr. Goose Poop and I in stick people form!! =)
We had such a great time! Mr. Goose Poop and I were exhausted by the end of the night. But it was worth it!
Now here I am, drinking coffee, still in jammies. No better way to have a Sunday!! In a few hours it off to my sister in law, Angie's. Today is our Goostrey birthday party. We're celebrating the months of August thru November. So I get to see the rest of my family too. My mother in law, my other father in law, and both my sister's in law. Plus all my neice's and nephew's. Can't wait! It was a teriffic weekend.
Tonight, I'm going to top it off by making pumpkin seeds for the kids. The goosling's have never had pumpkin seeds before. Mostly because, it'd take forever to pick out enough seeds for 7 kids to get some!! But, Suzie Homemaker that I am, I spent over an hour digging in everyone elses pumpkin guts to pull out enough seeds so they all can have some! They are soaking now! Can't wait to eat them, I haven't had pumpkin seeds in years and years!

Off to finally get dressed to put an end to this wonderful weekend God has granted us!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does your husband love you this much too?!?

Mine does!! Isn't he sweet?

I've been in a funk the past few days. Just haven't been myself. Last night McKenzie had a basketball game in Grand Haven, so after school all the kids and I headed east. Mr. Goose Poop got out of work before we got home, so he went to the flower store and this is what I got when we got home last night. Actually, they were wrapped up all pretty. In pink tissue paper, with cute ribbon tied around it. Don't you hate it when the "real" flower shops do that? I mean, they make them look so cute all wrapped up that you almost feel bad unwrapping them to put them in a vase! I think Mr. Goose Poop took the hint seeing the empty vase filled with water sitting on the counter for the past 4 days!! When in reality, the vase was a vase I used for Tracy's wedding, brought home and have been too lazy to take care of yet!! Let's just not tell him that though! But, I may remember this in the future! Empty vase filled with water sitting on the counter for 4 days equals flowers the next day! I'm going to try my theory out in the next few months. I'll report back!

And speaking of Tracy's wedding....well, a few sentences ago's all done and over with and she looked spectacular! Better than spectacular, she looked amazing. And so did the flowers! Just kidding! It wasn't about the flowers...ok, maybe it was just a teeny tiny bit. For me anyway. And the centerpieces. And the picture book favors. And the parent's gifts. And the table name cards. And...well, ok, I did alot. But I had more fun than you think, just don't ever ask me to do it for anyone else. Unless there is a cool $10,000 in it for me! Anyway, it all turned out better than any of us had imagined. And the best part? I didn't trip walking down the isle. I did cry during the ceremony, but not enough to make myself look like a fool. I said my speech with only minimal crying, little enough that I think people were still able to understand me. (Oh who am I trying to kid?? I was a blubbering mess starting the day before the wedding! Cried for 2 damn days straight!) And the flowers looked amazing! Oh wait...I mean the best part was Tracy had a great time, it was everything she had ever imagined it would be, and she was gorgeous!! Oh, and the flowers looked amazing!

Here's my beautiful best friend just after stepping into her wedding dress....

And just for fun...Here she is cooling her pits right before we walked out!! I was doing it too!!

And because I am so damn proud of all the flowers, let me just show you how many flowers I was working with here!! Friday morning Tracy's mom met us at my house, Tracy took mom's car and went to run some errands. Mom and I jumped in my car and went to cut all the fresh flowers. (Tracy got all her flowers from this really really cool couple that used to be patients at her work. Growing these flowers is just their hobby!! They have 2 huge gardens FULL of them. Told us to bring some buckets and cut as many as we needed!! And as you can see, we did just that!) Mom and I got back to my house and unloaded. In my living room...(Tilt your head to the left to get the full effect!!)

Yup, that's my E.N.T.I.R.E. living room floor covered in flowers! And I had to leave for the hall at 2:30!! In that time I made 7 wrist corsages, 11 bootiners (I'm so bad at spelling this word, spell check can't even figure out what the hell I'm trying to say! But you get the idea, those flowers that go on the guy's tux coats!! Sorry mom!!), Tracy's bouquet, her "toss" bouquet, 7 vase bouquets, arranged flowers for the cake table, and just a few other random things. I showed up to the hall to decorate looking like a hot mess, but we made it! Did I mention the flowers looked awesome??

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look what's baking at my house....

Apple Pie's for Mr. Goose Poop and the gooslings tonight after dinner! And while those were baking, I made another batch, two actually, of laundry soap. Yup, just call me Suzie Frickin' Homemaker!
And this Suzie Homemaker is potty training lately....

Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm pretty sure we're breaking the noise ordinance law in our yard right now! No kidding. There are, count them, 16 kids in my yard right now! Yes, 16 kids! Our yard is about as big as a postage stamp, so I have no idea why they chose to come to our yard. Oh yea, that's right, I'm a mean mom. I don't let my kids roam around the neighborhood aimlessly, telling them to have a good time and just be home by the time the street lights come on. In fact, I rarely let my kids leave the yard. In fact, I rarely even let them play out in the front yard. I know, I'm a mean 'ol mom, aren't I?!? Bwahaahaahaa! So, since my kids can't go visit the neighborhood, I guess the neighborhood decided to visit them!

It's like a zoo out there. So much so, that I'm almost scared to go out there to wrangle them all inside again! I might get carried off with the crowd! Then who'd be here to be so mean?! So I'll sit in the kitchen window, spying! More like making sure one doesn't get away, and double checking that nice words are still being used even with friends (told ya I was mean!). I don't care how *cool* it is to be the tough talkin' kid in town, my kids won't have nuttin' to do with it!

I'm off to spy...I've gotten pretty good at it!