Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm pretty sure we're breaking the noise ordinance law in our yard right now! No kidding. There are, count them, 16 kids in my yard right now! Yes, 16 kids! Our yard is about as big as a postage stamp, so I have no idea why they chose to come to our yard. Oh yea, that's right, I'm a mean mom. I don't let my kids roam around the neighborhood aimlessly, telling them to have a good time and just be home by the time the street lights come on. In fact, I rarely let my kids leave the yard. In fact, I rarely even let them play out in the front yard. I know, I'm a mean 'ol mom, aren't I?!? Bwahaahaahaa! So, since my kids can't go visit the neighborhood, I guess the neighborhood decided to visit them!

It's like a zoo out there. So much so, that I'm almost scared to go out there to wrangle them all inside again! I might get carried off with the crowd! Then who'd be here to be so mean?! So I'll sit in the kitchen window, spying! More like making sure one doesn't get away, and double checking that nice words are still being used even with friends (told ya I was mean!). I don't care how *cool* it is to be the tough talkin' kid in town, my kids won't have nuttin' to do with it!

I'm off to spy...I've gotten pretty good at it!


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