Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There goes Mr. Goose Poop's nice relazing weekend

So last night on our way home from Jacob's football practice I hear on the radio that they are issuing a severe thunderstorm warning for some counties just north of us. I think to myself, hmmm that's weird. It was blue skies, sunny, warm, and completely calm outside. Didn't think much of it. We came home, it was hotter than billie blue blazes inside last night, so we had all the windows open. Anyway, get home, get the kids a quick snackie, finish up some last minute homework, and get the kids into bed. Everyone but Jonah. Since he's 10, he gets to stay up until 9:00. So he's in the living room studying memory work, I'm in the kitchen making lunches, and Mr. Goose Poop is laying in bed. (Rare for him I might add. But he worked late last night, and was just tuckered out!) Jonah comes flying in the kitchen, all scared. The wind had picked up a little bit, and I heard and saw a little bit of lighting going on. And when I say little, I do mean little. It wasn't even raining. Jonah was a little scared. I took him outside, showed him there was nothing to be afraid of, just a small thunderstorm coming thru. I mean, it wasn't even raining for heaven's sake. OK, it was a titch windy, but I didn't think it was that bad.

Well, it wasn't raining then, but 30 seconds later it was torrential down-pour. The wind picked up like you wouldn't believe. I sent Jonah to bed, re-assured him he'd be fine, told him Mr. Goose Poop and I wouldn't let him be in danger. So he scoots upstairs, and now it's a windy, blowy, rainy sight outside. I went and closed all the windows because rain is coming down sideways. I look outside, and I admit, it was looking fairly bad. I couldn't see the neighbor's house right across the street. At one point I saw our little froggy sandbox cover take flight. I could hear all out patio chairs skidding across the deck. All the street lights had gone out, lost power I assume. We always always loose power here, so I get the candles out, set them where I'd fine them quickly and get out a lighter.

Next thing I know, it's all done raining. And I mean all done. I walk outside, not a drop. And it's just a light breeze. Whew...looks like it was nothing. I'll find all our belongings in the morning. Go to bed, no biggie.

The kids wake up this morning and look out the window's behind the kitchen table. Guess it wasn't just "nothing". A tree next to our house cracked in half. From where it landed I can only assume that it hit our house. There's no way it couldn't have. I can see no damage, thank goodness. But that nice relaxing weekend Mr. Goose Poop was hoping for? Looks like it's not going to happen. Looks like he'll be doing yard clean up. Thank goodness I got, I mean, the kids got him a nice new chain saw for Father's Day 2 years ago!! Knew he'd need it sometime!!

This was a big, huge, nice full tree yesterday morning!!


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