Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Here's some random (and I mean really random) facts for today....

World's largest manufacturer of female apparel?
Mattel (they make Barbie's clothes) Take that Abercrombie!!!

The average American worker receives 201 phone, paper, and email messages per day!

Raindrops fall as fast as 22 mph!

Plants, like humans, run fevers when they're sick! Who knew!!

If there are 10 books on a bookshelf, they can be arranged 3,628,800 different ways! Think I'm wrong?? Prove it!! =)

When the ground temperature is below freezing, it can't hail!

A New Yorker could eat out every night of their life and never eat at the same restaurant twice!

Know why iron isn't added to milk? Iron-fortified milk turns coffee green! (I may have to try this one!)

The world's largest earthworm, found only in a small corner of Australia, can grow as long as 12 feet and as thick as a soda can! (Gross, remind me NOT to go there!)

Lemon Pledge has more lemons that Country Time Lemonade! (No wonder my eyes water every time I use that stuff!)

Porcupines are good swimmers....their quills are full of air.

Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan!

Football has more rules than any other American sport! (No wonder I can't figure that shit out!)

Amen is the same in more languages than any other word. Taxi is the second.

There you have it. Some random-ness added to your day! They always say you learn something new every day!


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