Friday, September 17, 2010

I've got to fire that dang Tooth Fairy!

I've made the final decision, I'm firing the Tooth Fairy and that's final!!

My daughter lost her tooth the other night. So she puts it in a little baggie, and sets it on her dresser. She knows not to put it under her pillow, since she has a loft bed, the Tooth Fairy can never find her tooth up there. So we've decided to leave teeth on her dresser. So, she leaves it there, goes to bed, wakes up the next morning....and nothing! The tooth is still there! That damn Tooth Fairy completely forgot about my precious princess last night! Can you believe that? And, it's not the first time this has happened. A few months ago when she lost a tooth, that Tooth Fairy forgot to stop by for 4 nights in a row! 4 nights!!

And not only that, but there is a diary in this month's Scholastic that she reeeeaaaallllllyyyy really wants. It's $10.00. No way, no how am I buying it for her. This girl's got more diaries, notepads, and paper than I've ever seen before in my life. So I tell her absolutely not. She decides when she looses her tooth to write the Tooth Fairy a note. It's something along the lines of "Please, please, please tooth fairy, can I please have $10.00 for my tooth this time. There is a diary I want, and my mom told me she won't buy it for me, please, please, please?? I really really want it. It's so cool. It's got puppies on it. Please can I have $10.00 for my tooth?" And do you know what????!! Not only did the Tooth Fairy forget to come, when she finally decided to show up last night she didn't even leave my precious princess the $10.00 she wanted, she only left her a measly $1.00, and now she can't get that diary she reeeeaaaalllllyyyy really wanted.

What is that? She's late and she doesn't bring what the kids want? I decided when McKenzie woke up this morning to $1.00 and not $10.00 I'm firing that lousy Tooth Fairy.


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