Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe

So, as I said last night, I'm going to post my homemade laundry soap recipe. Call me old fashion, or call my country...but I'm telling you this recipe has saved my family unimaginable amounts of money. Doing wash for a family of 9, I usually do at the very least 16-18 loads of wash a week. I was spending probably around $60-$75 a month on laundry soap. With this recipe, I spend about $100 A YEAR!!!! Yup, that's not a type-o, a year!

I use it for all my laundry, and I've been completely happy with it. I even use it to wash Mr. Goose Poop's dirty, smelly, and mud-encrusted work clothes, and all the kids' sports clothes.

It originated from, I believe, the Duggars web-site, but I've changed it a little bit. It's the same ingredients, but I use a different process. It's the liquid version, there is a way to do powder also, just don't add any water. My sister uses the powder, and as far as I know, she's been happy with it.

The best part about this, you can find all the ingredients at your grocery store. I found all of it at my Meijer. It's not something where you have to chase all over town, going into specialty stores, or searching online to find what you need. And, it only takes like 20 minutes to make it.


1 Bar Fels Naptha Soap (a bar of Dove will also work in a pinch, but I feel the Fels Naptha works better)
1 Cup Washing Soda
1 Cup Borax

Finely grate the bar of Fels Naptha. Put in a large pan. Add 6 cups of water. Heat until the soap has dissolved. Add the Washing Soda and the Borax and stir until dissolved. Remove from heat. Pour 6 cups of HOT water into a bucket (I use a 5 gallon bucket). Add the soap mixture to the bucket and mix. Now add 1 gallon + 6 cups (or 22 cups total) of COLD water to the bucket. The mix will now start to gel. Quickly use a funnel to put into old laundry soap containers. If it gels so much that it's hard to get down the funnel, just give it a quick stir. Let the soap completely gel for about 6 hours before using.

This soap isn't going to gel like you're used to. It more "clump gels". Before each use, give the bottle a good shake. When using, use about 1/2 cup per load, add the soap and let the washer fill up a little before adding clothes.

If you'd like to make scented laundry soap, you can buy soap fragrance at any craft store. I get mine from Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I believe they come 1/2 oz bottles. After you pour the laundry soap into containers, and before it completely gels, add all the scent to the soap, and give her a good shake. Then let completely gels for the 6 hours. My favorites lately are orange, lavender, apple, and honey almond.


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