Saturday, April 30, 2011

Save My Sanity Saturday

Somebody, please, save my sanity on this Saturday because....

We have a game we play's called "I spy with my little eye one orange bullet!"

I'm telling you, if I spy one more damn orange foam-y bullet, or one more red round of cap gun shells, I'm going to loose my sanity!!

Yesterday I took the camera around spying for them...look how many I found in a 3 minute span!!

One...One orange foam bullet..aht aht aht (get the Count voice?!?)
Two and three....three orange foam bullets...aht aht aht!

Four...Four orange foam bullets...aht aht aht!

Five...Five orange foam bullets...aht aht aht!! red round of cap gun bullets...aht aht aht!

Oh look...they found each other...maybe they'll make bullet babies!!

Two red cap gun bullets, and number 6 orange foam-y bullet...aht aht aht!!

Seven...Seven orange foam bullets...aht aht aht!

Why yes, yes that is a red round of cap gun bullets sitting on my toilet seat, why do you ask? This isn't normal in your house? Huh, completely normal here to lift the seat at see this!

What is that? Two...two red cap gun bullets...aht aht aht!

Three....three red cap gun bullets...aht aht aht!

Eight...Eight orange foam bullets...aht aht aht!!

So you see why my sanity needs to be saved this Saturday?!? If I step on (or sit on for that matter) one more bullet I'm going to loose it!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday Flip-offs

Today I'm going to link up with Momma at Momma Kiss. She does a Friday Flip Off...yell, scream, vent or what you gotta do to get it out!

Flip-Off Mother Nature...It's been raining here for the past 6 weeks. I know a goose is technically supposed to like the rain...but this goose just can't take it anymore. I'm slowly slipping into a gray area in my brain, and I'd like to get back to the blue area. Please, dear Mother Nature, bring us some sunshine and warm weather!

Flip-Off Ex-Husband...I'm tired of you sending me a text message the day before you are supposed to take the kids for the weekend, telling me you won't be able to take them. Step up and call them to tell them. Why make me do it? Then they get mad at me, thinking it's my fault. Better yet, dumbass...why don't you just take them when you are supposed to?!? I mean, I know your new family is much more important, but to be honest these 4 precious beings were here first, and deserve half as much attention as you give the new fam! Either take them when you are supposed to, or get lost foreva and eva and eva! Amen!

Flip-Off Ex-Wife...You too are a piece of crap-ola. A few colors short of a crayon box. You sit here telling us we are trying to take your boys from you, that we never let you see them, and on and on and on...but yet you still aren't getting them at your court appointed times. You know that day in the middle of the's called Wednesday. And you are allowed this great thing called "Parenting Time" with the boys. Yup, every Wednesday you get to come get them from 6:00-8:00 to spend time with them. But you don't. Then complain to Mr. Goose Poop and I that we don't let you see your kids. Funny thing is...we aren't allowed to tell you you can't see your kids on Wednesday's. The court told us we have to let them go with you, but you still don't take your time. And you don't hear poor Jakie ask e.v.e.r.y. Wednesday after school if I have talked to you, and if you're coming to get them. And you don't see his face go from hopeful to disappointed in 0.3 seconds when I tell him no, I haven't heard from you. Our fault? I think not.

Flip-Off Gas Prices....$4.17 for a damn gallon of gas?? Seriously? And how are people supposed to pay for this? Riddle me that riddler! I guess it doesn't matter, as long as this rain keeps up, there'll be no need for a car...I'll be sweetly singing "Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream" on our way to school!!

Flip-Off Sheds at Lowe's...The big nice 10'x12' shed we settled on a few weeks back. We settled for two reason's. 1) I like the look, kinda looks like a barn. 2) We could afford it at $1000. Then Mr. Goose Poop goes to talk to the Lowe's's a $1000 for just the lumbar and hardware. After the $1000, you then have to buy the paint and paint it yourself, and the shingles/tar paper/what ever you need for a roof to roof it!! Rip we're back to square one. Are we going to spend $1000 for a pre-fab shed then buy paint and roof crap? Buy a smaller shed, but still paint and roof crap? Buy a big (ugly, white trash) metal one? Keep the (brown, ugly, even more white trash) one we already have? Augh....

Flip-Off Mr. Goose Poop's work....(I mean no offense if you're reading this Cassie!!! =) ) Thanks so much for the job. I am forever grateful for that. The paycheck is nice, don't get me wrong. But when I said Mr. Goose Poop has to go back to work before we kill each other, I didn't mean I only wanted to see him for an hour a day!!!! It's true, while Mr. Goose Poop is laid off in the winter, after the first few weeks, we are both going crazy. He's messing with the flow of my day, and he can't stand to be cooped up by these 4 walls for days on end. But, holy ka-moly, these hours are crazy!! He has to be to work around 5 am sometimes earlier, and lately has been getting home around 7 pm, sometimes later. He showers, eats, and zonks out. I mean, I can't blame him, but still....I'd be good seeing him just a few more hours a day!! ;)

There you have first installment of Flip-off Friday! Have something you need to vent about? Link up with Momma Kiss, and have at it!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tursday's Three

Here's this week's Thursday's Three....

1. Guilty

2. Ordinary

3. Excellent

1. Did you read my post yesterday? No? Well, go ahead, read it...I'll wait....done? Good! Now it's got me feeling Guilty. I feel guilty that I'm even questioning leaving such a wonderful school. That I'm questioning the importance of spiritual guidance over high school experience. It's not that I'm questioning the importance of it though. I know it's important, but I feel that the experience of high school is also important. I want to have both, but I've come to find out that it's just not the easy.

2. I feel like my life is Ordinary. To some, ordinary is good. To me, ordinary is repetitive. My life seems to be stuck in that silly movie Groundhog Day. Where Bill Murray re-lives the same day over and over and over again. Every day is the same thing. I wake up, pour a cup of coffee and catch the last few minutes of the weather. Then I head upstairs to wake kids up. Back downstairs where I finish up lunches and get school snacks out while kids are eating breakfast and getting ready for school. Then it's bringing kids to school and back home again. Where every day it's the same thing. Clean the house, do the laundry, catch up on chores, clean, clean, clean. Time for Tyler's nap, then a few minutes on the computer. Next thing I know it's time to get the kids from school. After school, it's homework, chores, and fighting. Now it's time to start dinner. After dinner it's reading and more fighting! Then the bed time routine. Get kids in bed, make lunches for kids and Mr. Goose Poop. Maybe a little more computer time. Then bed. Every day it's. the. same. thing. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of ordinary.

3. I'm determined to have an Excellent weekend with Mr. Goose Poop. We aren't supposed to have any kids this weekend, and I want to make the most of it. For the past few months, our weekends have been taken up by this living room. And although it's not completely finished yet, we're at a point where it's livable, and the trim can wait another week. So this weekend it's me and Mr. Goose Poop baby!!

**I can't figure out what's going on with the spacing issue! Sorry! I type it one way...hit post...and it shows up like I'm Enter-Happy!!**

Pour Your Heart Out

Today I'm linking up with Shell over at Things I Can't Say! Every Wednesday she does a Pour Your Heart Out post, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon and linking up to her. Go check her (and the others below her post that have linked up!) out!

Today I'm pouring my heart out about school.

Now, I love our school. I more than love our school. Our kids attend a private Lutheran school. It's a great school! It's more than a great school.

I love love love our teachers. They are more than teachers to our children, some of them have become friends. They are involved in not only our children's lives, but mine and Mr. Goose Poop's lives also. They know what's going on with us. They pray for us. They encourage us. They love us. They are the best.

And the parents...oh the parents. How I love them too!! They have become more than just the parent's of kids my kids go to school with. In fact, 3 moms just left my house about 20 minutes ago. We do a weekly coffee. All of us mom's host coffee at our house different weeks. Who ever can come, comes. This was a small week, we've had some sickies. Usually there are about 6-7 different mom's a week. We talk about our kids, we talk about parenting styles, we talk chores, we talk discipline, we talk about our hopes, dreams and fears. We talk about our husbands, mothers and brothers. It is a great group of ladies, and I feel blessed to know them.

But....there's always a "but" isn't there?? But, though we have a very small, close knit school (lets get real here...there's only 120 kids from pre-school to 8th grade!! And 6 of them are mine!), sometimes that can be a bad thing.

McKenzie will be in 5th grade next year, which had been getting me thinking of high school. I know she's got 4 years left at this school, but since we are in such a sucky public school system, private school's and school's of choice fill up very quickly around here. I have a friend who's been on the waiting list for school of choice for 2 years, and was just informed that they didn't get in for next year either.'s time to start thinking about what we are going to do.

We do have a Lutheran High School that is linked up with all the area Lutheran School's.'s that pesky word's small. Like really small. Like smaller than our current school. The high school just got off the ground a few years ago, and we are adding students every year. I know that. And I'm sure by the time McKenzie is ready to go to high school in (OMG!!!!) 4 years, it'll be even bigger than it is now.

But...I mean, how big can it really get? The economy is making it tougher and tougher for families to afford private school, so we're not able to recruit as many students as we want. I don't foresee any way for the high school to expand much more. Sure, a few students here and there, but it'll take a miracle for it to expand to the size of a "regular" high school.

And here lays the problem. Because our school is so small, they don't offer much other than an education, both spiritual and educational. Now please don't get me wrong, and education and religion is absolutely priceless, I know that. But I'm of the side of the fence that believes high school (actually school in general) is more than just an education. I believe it's an experience.

Yes, it's important to be educated. Yes, it's important to have a relationship with the Lord. I agree. But I also think it's important to be involved. Involved in sports, involved in groups, involved in student council, Girl Scouts, the Debate Team and the likes. And we don't have that. Well, ok...we have basketball and Volleyball, that we do. But that's it. I am the Girl Scout Leader at her school, but I use the term loosely! More or less...we just use the school to house our meetings! There are only 3 girls in 4th grade at our school, and they are all in my troop. But the rest of the girls come from all different schools. Public, Catholic, Lutheran, and Academies. So I can't really count Girl Scouts as something associated with our school.

I want my boys to play football with their school friends. I want my daughter to be a cheerleader for their team. I want them to have the option to be in the Band, the Student Council, the French Club. Or play on the tennis, soccer, or swim team. I want the whole Homecoming Week. With school colors (I don't even really know what our school "colors" are!), parades, floats, and community.

I want all that. I'm not diminishing our school. We do have a Lutheran Spirit Week, with the whole funky hair day, pj day, prank day and the like. We have school carnivals, golf outings, and open houses.

But I don't want to give up our teachers. Our Pastor that knows the kids by name. The bible study that happens every day, or the Chapel that happens every Wednesday.

I want the best of both worlds. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

I feel like time is running out. And this has been on my mind for a few months now. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I want to give up my children being taught about the Lord at school. Or if I want to give up the experience of high school.

Why can't choices just be easy?

There's my Pour Your Heart Out post for the day. Now that you've read mine, head over and visit Shell and the others that are pouring their hearts out today!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Trivia

Welcome to Tuesday's Trivia! Where you dig deep in the depths of your brain, to find that information you never thought you'd use again!!

1. For what magazine did Hugh Hefner serve as a circulation manager while he was raising money to launch Playboy?

2. What problem did Leonardo daVinci, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and General George Patton have in common?

3. What would Barbie Doll's measurements be if she were life size?

4. Before the introduction of the hair dryer in 1920, what common household appliance was promoted for it's hair drying ability?

5. What room in the American household is the scene of the greatest number of arguments?

6. How many windows are in the 102 story Empire State Building?

7. Two state call themselves the "Sunshine State," can you name them?

8. On the reverse side of a $100 bill, what time is shown on the Independence Hall clock?

9. What car is shown in front of the U.S. Treasury Building on the back of a $10 bill?

10. How fast, in words per minute, does the average American read?

11. Where is it illegal for a portrait of a living person to appear in the United States?

12. Where is the longest street in the United States? do you think you did? How many do you think you got right? Let's check!!

1. For what magazine did Hugh Hefner serve as a circulation manager while he was raising money to launch Playboy?

A children's magazine!!!

2. What problem did Leonardo deVinci, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and General George Patton have in common?

They were all dyslexic

3. What would Barbie Doll's measurements be if she were life size?

39-21-33!! For reeelz???

4. Before the introduction of the hair dryer in 1920, what common household appliance was promoted for it's hair drying ability?

The vacuum cleaner - which could be converted by attaching a hose to the exhaust!

5. What room in the average American household is the scene for the greatest number of arguments?

The kitchen

6. How many windows are in the 102 story Empire State Building?


7. Two states call themselves the "Sunshine State," can you name them?

Florida and South Dakota

8. On the reverse side of a $100 bill, what time is shown on the Independence Hall Clock?


9. What car is shown in front of the U.S. Treasury Building on the back of a $10 bill?

A 1926 Hupmobile!

10. How fast, in words per minute, can the average American read?

275 words per minute!

11. Where is it illegal for a portrait of a living person to appear in the United States?

On a postage stamp!

12. Where is the longest street in the United States?

Los Angeles, where Figueroa Street runs for 30 miles!!

There you have it! First installment of Tuesday's Trivia! How many did you get correct (without Google-searching first!!)?? Maybe next time you'll do better!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The bad thing....

The bad thing is...My husband isn't just out of town for the night for work, he's out of the state...and this isn't the first time!
The good thing is...At least he has a job!!

The bad thing is...My brakes started grinding this afternoon for some reason.
The good thing is...Mr. Goose Poop will be home tomorrow to take a look at them.

The bad thing is...McKenzie is spending the night at her friend's house, and I miss her when she's not here!
The good thing is...She's having fun at her friend's for the night!

The bad thing is...My ex-husband took me to court last Tuesday!
The good thing is...I didn't cry in the judge's face like I thought I was going to!!

The bad thing is...Both sets of my in-law's live over an hour away.
The good thing is...I got to see all of them with-in the past week.

The bad thing is...I don't have a husband to sleep with tonight.
The good thing is...I think I'm going to let Tyler sleep with me, cuz I'm nice like that!

The bad thing is...Gas prices went thru the roof this week.
The good thing is...At least with careful planning, we can still afford it.

The bad thing is...My best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world lives 2 hours away.
The good thing is...She'll be back again some day!

The bad thing is...My mom got a job and is no longer my go-to babysitter during the day.
The good thing is...My mom got a job and is no longer my go-to babysitter during the day!!

The bad thing is...I'm sick!
The good thing, there's nothing good I can think of about being sick!

See? There's (mostly) always a good side to everything. I'm a "my glass is half full" kind of person!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

We're going to be famous!!!

Ok...not really...but it's a fun story...

This morning Mr. Goose Poop called me from work to tell me that he heard on the radio that the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum had free admission today. And that maybe it'd be something fun to do with the kids since it is a rainy, yucky day.

I hmmmm'd and haw'd about it for an hour or so. I figured it'd be really busy being free and Spring Break and all. I almost didn't do it. Then I thought, what the hell, let's go do something.

I decided to put all the kids in their U of M Goose Poop sweatshirts. That way if the museum was super busy it's be way easier to spot my own crew.

And away we went!

I'd never been to that museum before, so I didn't know where to go or what to expect. We got the last parking spot in their free lot, and I was thinking to myself, maybe today wasn't such a good day to come. I'd rather have paid the $20 to get us in on a different, not so busy day, than have to wrangle 6 kids from jumping on the couches in the Oval Office, or trying to hop in Mr. Ford's Navy Helicopter that I heard was in there.

But away we went!

The lobby was busy, but not too out of control to make me turn around right then and there. Come to find out, today is Mrs. Betty Ford's birthday, and that was why admission was free today. They told us they were serving birthday cake to the first 500 people to enter, and there might still be some left. I'm thinking..."might" still be some left?!? It's 10:00 in the morning, and they are almost out of 500 pieces of cake?! Great!

But away we went!

I was noticing people staring at us. I tried to ignore them. I figured Tyler was probably picking his nose again, or Carter's butt crack was saying hello to everyone behind him like it always is! Haven't they ever seen a 3 year old pick his nose before? Or a kid who's butt is so flat not ever elastic waist pants stay up? I was about to give this old man a dirty look, when he approached us. I open my mouth to tell Tyler to use a tissue and gently let Carter know he's gotta give his pants a hike again...but that old man smiled and said, "If you don't mind me asking...what are the shirts about?" Oh yea, we were that dorky family so big we put all our kids in matching shirts so we don't loose one! Now I'm beginning to regret my decision to put us all in our Goose Poop sweatshirts.

Was that sarcasm in his voice? Was he about to make some rude comment? I'm trying to come up with a great come-back for when he does. I tell him that I'm a bloggy mom, and our last name is Goostrey, and my awesome mother in law made us these sweatshirts in honor of my site, and blah blah blah. And what you old fart? You got a problem with that?!? Ok, I didn't say that, but I sooo wanted to!

He said he's never seen a greater looking group of well behaved kids! I looked over my shoulder...was he talking to me? Was he talking about my kids? Couldn't be! Nahhh...

But he totally was! He was talking about my kids! Next thing I know, there is a small circle forming around us. Everybody looking at us, checking out our sweatshirts, saying how cool they are, and what a great idea, and the kids look so cute in them.

Ok ok people, we're not a freaky side show here. Stop your staring! We say our thank you's, that's every nice of you's, and what not's.

And away we went!

I tell myself we're going to steer clear of the cake table. My kids don't need cake anyway. Besides, they'd be the one's smearing it all over the piece of Berlin Wall that is next to the table and chairs. But, of course, the cake table is riiiiiight next to the steps we have to go up to get to the exhibits. Great!

"Mom, can we have cake?"

"Yea, we want some cake!"

"Mom, please can we?"

"C'mon mom! Can we get some?"

You see, when I have all the kids out, I don't usually like to partake in these types of things. I always think people are thinking to themselves how we are taking up too much space, or taking too many pieces of cake, or what have you. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but truth be told, it makes me uncomfortable.

And then the little old lady, who didn't know my kids would be the one's smearing it all over the Berlin Wall, asked if the kids would like some cake.

Thanks little old lady! What was I supposed to do now? Be the mean mom who says "NO?" And then I heard myself say "Sure, that'd be great! Thanks!" Whhaaattt???

And away we the cake table!

There were 3 nice ladies (I'm aloud to call them that, I'm half way to being a little old lady myself!) serving cake. I told the kids to make sure they use their manners, walk up to the table and ask for a piece of cake. They walk to the serving table, and ask politely for a piece of cake.

And then it happens again. People are swarming to them. The ladies are gawking at them. Then I see two security guards walk up to them. Oh great...Tyler probably told one of them to shut their pie hole's again (yes, again. It's a story for another day!! But it's true, he's taken to telling people to shut their pie holes because he thinks he heard our pastor, in church one day, say that's what the bible says!! Anyway, another day for that story!)!! Or Cater was pretending to blow the place up again! He's very into explosives lately, and you can regularly catch him pretending to blow things up with his pretend finger guns!

I have a decision to make. I know I'm going to take a run for it. But am I going to make a run for it to the nearest exit and let the kids fend for themselves? Do I want to be blamed for Tyler's potty mouth or Carter's obsession with explosives? Or am I going to make a run for it over to my kids and politely explain that they must have misunderstood Tyler, I'm certain he said "Mmm, pie? Nope, cake..yummm!!" Or that weird explosive noise out of Carter was just a sneeze! "Bless You Dear!!"

Go ahead...give me the Mother of the Year award...cuz I opted to go support my kids. I know, running would have been easier. But I did the right thing, I'm certain of it.

I get to the table, getting ready to open my mouth to explain something I have yet to know, and the ladies asked if these were all my kids. Again, I have a decision to make. Lie?? "No, I adopted them from Cambodia yesterday! They aren't house trained yet. We're getting to that! Sorry!" Or claim the little heathens?? "Yea, you got a problem with that punk?? They may be a little much sometimes, but need to call security on them!" Again, Mother of the Year award here...I claimed them! Though not in such a rude manner. I think I turned 14 shades of red, then said something along the lines of, "Yes they are, sorry, they just wanted a piece of cake." And started to pull them away. **Insert the uncomfortable/embarrassing feeling here**

But the little old ladies fawned over them, saying how cool their sweatshirts were. And the security guards asked them to turn around so they could see too. Actually, I think I'm insulting them when I call them "security guards" because I'm fairly certain they are actually FBI Agents!! No joke...I mean we are at the president's museum, where by the way, the late President Ford himself is buried. So, anyway, I'm sure they are the FBI. Or it CIA? What does CIA stand for? Well, they were those guys wearing black suits, black sun glasses (no joke here), a badge on their chest, with the little wire going to their ear. What ever *those* people are called is what they were. Anyway, they are all going nuts over my kids.

Everyone kept telling me how cool their shirts were, what a great idea it was. And that President Ford was a H.U.G.E University of Michigan fan. He would have loved it. On and on and on they went! Finally, I was just trying to shy away, cuz lets face it, I also get a little uncomfortable when people go over the top on how cool my family is.

When one of the ladies serving cake asked if they could take a picture of us. I told her sure, that would be alright. So she snapped a picture, then two, then three. On and on about how cool they looked.

Then she asked if I would be willing to let the museum's photographer take a picture of them. That they would love to use it as a marketing picture! I said quietly said sure. I mean, by now, a crowd is gathering around the cake table. I don't know if they were there to see us, or if people were just backed up waiting for cake since the ladies were fawning over my kids so much they stopped serving the cake!!

One of the security guards/FBI Agents/CIA dudes starts talking into his shirt with one hand over his ear. I swear I heard him say "Ten-four, over and out!" but maybe it was just my imagination!! Next thing I know, the museum's photographer is front and center positioning my kids in front of the cake table snapping pictures. Asking people behind them to please back up so they aren't in the photo also. Great, I get the feeling from they guy in the back giving me the evil ka-nevil eye that these people are going to hunt me down once we finally make it into the museum, and beat my up behind the replica of Ford's desk in the Oval Office. Wonderful!

Once their photo shoot is done, one of the worker ladies asks for my name and phone number. I give it to her. She says she will call once they decide how to use the photos to let me know so I can see them too! That it can be either on their website, their monthly newsletter, or on their tri-fold pamphlets.

How cool is that? I wanted to get the same pictures the photographer was getting, but judging by the crowd that was around the cake table by the time this whole ordeal was over, they weren't up for waiting another moment while I got a good shot for my blog.

So I scooted the kids over to the side, and just took a picture of them by the wall, before they got their cake!

And, if you're one smeared cake on the Berlin Wall. They all looked at the helicopter with their eyes and not their hands. In fact, they were all very well behaved thru the museum. And no one tried to beat me up in the Oval Office and throw me behind a desk!

On the way out, I told the kids I wanted to take a picture of them next to the steel U of M football player in front of the museum. As I was positioning them, a gentleman walked up and asked if he wanted me to have him take the picture for me, that way I could be in it also. As I said sure, and thanks so much, he told me he'd be willing to do anything for Michigan fans!!

Looks like the sweatshirts were a big hit, mom!! Thanks!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're in the home stretch!!

Stripes are done and couches have arrived!!

It's hard to get a picture of the stripes, but trust me, they're there! And the look like a little piece of awesome-ness!!

Mr. Goose Poop picked up the couches last night. Praise God! Finally somewhere to sit! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since we started. The lo-o-o-ongest 3 weeks of my entire friggin' life! can see the stripes a little better on the wall above the love seat. Cool, eh?! The wall is actually painted all one color. It's a red flat paint. Then the stripes are done with floor varnish. So some stripes are shiney some stripes are flat.

And this is Mr. Goose Poop about an hour after we got the couches put in the living room! The first thing out of his mouth was, "Ahhh, I'm going to take my shoes off and sit down on my couch now!" Half hour later, this is how I found him!

So as you see, it's coming along! We still have some stuff to finish, but at least it's not like a war zone in here anymore! And we have somewhere to sit. I'm still looking for a funky chair to put on the opposite wall of the love seat. And I think we're ready for a coffee table finally. We got rid of it while Tyler was learning to walk, but I think we're ok to get one now.

And as you can see we have to finish the trim. Floor trim, and trim around the windows and door.

Oh yea, and I have some drywall to patch....

Yea...that's my freshly painted wall WITH A HOLE IN IT!!!! Mr. Goose Poop hooked up the switches for the lights, and nothing...notta thing happened! We figured some wires came apart in the junction box when we put the cover on it. So...just our luck....we had to knock a hole in the wall to get to the junction box to fix it! So I have some mudding and sanding to do to fix the cut lines in the drywall.

But that's all small bananas since we have somewhere to sit now!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's ready to be striped....

We're ready to paint stripes!! Yay!!

Mr. Goose Poop and I spent over 2 weeks chasing around the city looking for furniture. We were at every furniture store possible. And looked at every Craig's List posting from here to Timb-Buck-To!! We finally decided on a set at Value City Furniture. We liked the low price (since, let's face it...we don't expect it to last long with all these kids, and plan to replace it in 5 or so years anyway!), and we liked that for an extra $100 there was a 7 year warranty that covers any stain we can't get out and any rip that happens. So yes, when my 3 year old takes a knife to the couch (not that I let my 3 year old play with knifes or anything), they bring me a new one for up to 7 years from the date of purchase! Cool, right? $100...those people don't know what they are getting themselves into!! At our rate, we'll have brand new furniture every 6 months!!

Anyway, so we picked out a couch and loveseat we liked, and decided we'll buy a cool funky chair to match it. This morning Mr. Goose Poop hooks up the trailer and sets out to buy said furniture. Well, said furniture isn't in stock, and if we order today it'll be in on Wednesday. Wednesday isn't good enough for us, we want our living room t.o.n.i.g.h.t. So Mr. Goose Poop said kiss my butt, I'll go buy the set we liked just as much at a different store! And away he and the trailer went.

To a different store he goes. And he pulls up, and the parking lot is a ghost town. Apparently this store doesn't open until noon on Monday's. So away he and the trailer went. Home.

An hour later Mr. Goose Poop and the trailer set out again. This time on his way out he mentions something about not coming home until he has a couch, so it may be a couple days!! haa haa...little does he know....

He gets to the store, finds a helper dude, says he wants that set, how much do I owe you? The helper dude says no prob, we'll see you in 30 days when it comes in!!


He calls, we talk, we bitch, we moan. We want furniture today. Not on Wednesday. Not in 30 days. Today.

After much bitching and moaning, off Mr. Goose Poop and the trailer go to the original store. He pays, they say see ya Wednesday.

So Mr. Goose Poop and the trailer come home. Our wallet is empty and our trailer is empty. It's just our luck anyway. Nothing is the house goes the way we want it too!

But the painting is done (for the most part) and Mr. Goose Poop is, at the moment, putting stuff back into our living room.

Tonight it looks like it'll be me, Mr. Goose Poop, and a futon mattress on the floor in front of our big screen!!!