Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're in the home stretch!!

Stripes are done and couches have arrived!!

It's hard to get a picture of the stripes, but trust me, they're there! And the look like a little piece of awesome-ness!!

Mr. Goose Poop picked up the couches last night. Praise God! Finally somewhere to sit! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since we started. The lo-o-o-ongest 3 weeks of my entire friggin' life! can see the stripes a little better on the wall above the love seat. Cool, eh?! The wall is actually painted all one color. It's a red flat paint. Then the stripes are done with floor varnish. So some stripes are shiney some stripes are flat.

And this is Mr. Goose Poop about an hour after we got the couches put in the living room! The first thing out of his mouth was, "Ahhh, I'm going to take my shoes off and sit down on my couch now!" Half hour later, this is how I found him!

So as you see, it's coming along! We still have some stuff to finish, but at least it's not like a war zone in here anymore! And we have somewhere to sit. I'm still looking for a funky chair to put on the opposite wall of the love seat. And I think we're ready for a coffee table finally. We got rid of it while Tyler was learning to walk, but I think we're ok to get one now.

And as you can see we have to finish the trim. Floor trim, and trim around the windows and door.

Oh yea, and I have some drywall to patch....

Yea...that's my freshly painted wall WITH A HOLE IN IT!!!! Mr. Goose Poop hooked up the switches for the lights, and nothing...notta thing happened! We figured some wires came apart in the junction box when we put the cover on it. So...just our luck....we had to knock a hole in the wall to get to the junction box to fix it! So I have some mudding and sanding to do to fix the cut lines in the drywall.

But that's all small bananas since we have somewhere to sit now!!



All your hard work paid off!!!...your living room looks awesome!!!!!

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