Thursday, April 21, 2011

The bad thing....

The bad thing is...My husband isn't just out of town for the night for work, he's out of the state...and this isn't the first time!
The good thing is...At least he has a job!!

The bad thing is...My brakes started grinding this afternoon for some reason.
The good thing is...Mr. Goose Poop will be home tomorrow to take a look at them.

The bad thing is...McKenzie is spending the night at her friend's house, and I miss her when she's not here!
The good thing is...She's having fun at her friend's for the night!

The bad thing is...My ex-husband took me to court last Tuesday!
The good thing is...I didn't cry in the judge's face like I thought I was going to!!

The bad thing is...Both sets of my in-law's live over an hour away.
The good thing is...I got to see all of them with-in the past week.

The bad thing is...I don't have a husband to sleep with tonight.
The good thing is...I think I'm going to let Tyler sleep with me, cuz I'm nice like that!

The bad thing is...Gas prices went thru the roof this week.
The good thing is...At least with careful planning, we can still afford it.

The bad thing is...My best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world lives 2 hours away.
The good thing is...She'll be back again some day!

The bad thing is...My mom got a job and is no longer my go-to babysitter during the day.
The good thing is...My mom got a job and is no longer my go-to babysitter during the day!!

The bad thing is...I'm sick!
The good thing, there's nothing good I can think of about being sick!

See? There's (mostly) always a good side to everything. I'm a "my glass is half full" kind of person!!



Have a few houses to look at this weekend!!! won't be long, and I'll be back!!!!!

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