Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out

Time to Pour Your Heart Out with Shell!

I don't need to be rich. In fact, to be completely honest with you, I don't even want to be rich.

But I don't want to be poor either. Now, I'm not saying we're either one of them. We're certainly not rich by any stretch of the imagination. And on the other hand, we're not exactly poor. But I wouldn't really call us a happy medium either. Some months we rob Peter to pay Paul. But in the end we always make it.

And here lays the problem...I'm sick of just making it.

I don't need to have so much money that I don't know what to do with it.

I don't need mani's and pedi's every week. Hell, I don't really need them at all.

I don't need to have a house so big you get lost in it. But having 2 kids to one room would be nice. Not tripping over a child every morning would certainly be a plus.

I don't need Gucci sunglasses or a Prada purse. But not having to buy knock-off perfume would be nice.

I'd still buy my kids' clothes at the consignment shop, because I'd still think $35 for a t-shirt is bonkers. But it would be nice to not have to think twice about buying that adorable Children's Place matchy-matchy outfit my daughter fell in love with, once in awhile.

I'd still coupon, because, like duh, who doesn't like to save money?!? But it sure would be nice to not think twice about buying that package of Oreo's that I'd kill for, even if it wasn't on sale.

I'd still look on Craig's List for the patio furniture I'd love to have to go underneath the new gazebo my husband kids bought me for Mother's Day. But when I've been looking for a month, and summer is threatening to be over, it would be nice to run to Wallyworld and pick up a set.

It sure would be nice to send my kids to school every Wednesday with more than $1.00 each for chapel money.

A vacation sure sounds nice. I'm not talking Jamaica, Hilton Hotels, and massages every morning. But a nice family camping trip for a few nights sure sounds like heaven.

It doesn't seem fair that Mr. Goose Poop works his ass off every week, just to pay the bills. Last week he worked well over 70 hours. Yesterday he went in at 6:00 am and didn't get home until 8:45 pm. Which means, not only did he miss the school play, but he didn't even see his kids at all yesterday. And today there is a good possibility that he won't either.

It's just not fair. Why does a person have to work so dang much just to pay the bills? Working is hard. I get that. I get that a person has to work hard to live a good life. I'm ok with working hard. But why so much? Why so much hard work? Why is my husband working so much, not seeing his wife, not seeing his kids, not having time to relax, no time for a camping trip, missing dinner every night, no giving the kids goodnight kisses, just to pay the bills? Doesn't seem fair if you ask me!

I don't want to think twice about taking the kids to the movies twice a year. I want to take a short weekend trip to the Cleveland Zoo. My kids have never been out of the state, and have been begging for us to take them out of Michigan. I want to be the cool mom that drives them into Indiana, just to have lunch! I want to take them up to Mackinac Island for a few days without having to budget for 2 months. I want to buy a small used camper, for weekend camping trips. I don't need some big, glorified motor home decked out with a bathroom, kitchen, washer & dryer, a flat screen tv, and a small city inside it. A small, ok medium sized, used, in good condition camper would be perfect.

So you see, I don't need to be rich. Don't even want it. But what I do want is enough money to enjoy the life God has given us.



I know exactily how you feel. I don't need to be rich either but I would love to be able to put something into savings and retirement!





I love getting creative to make the most of the money we have. BUT! Sometimes it would be nice to not think twice.


i can totally relate to this post. thank you for pouring your heart out and being honest and linking up!


I can relate. I'm not greedy. A vacation would be great though! Sometimes "just making it" takes it toll. It can be very stressful! hang in there! Stopping by from PYHO. ;)


think the majority of Americans live like this. It sucks totally, living paycheck to paycheck.

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