Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out

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So, school's really been on my mind lately. This school year is quickly coming to a close, so we are in the midst of next year's registration. I turned in the registration papers & fees a few weeks ago. Tuition isn't due until early July. On those registration papers, there were 6 kids listed. Yup, I signed Tyler up for the 2 day preschool this year. You see, there are 3 other mom's at school and we all have kids Tyler's age. Like, they were all born within months of each other. Some within weeks. Well, those mom's are sending their kids to the 2 day preschool this year, so I did too.

The thing is...I really, in my heart, don't know if he's ready yet. I'm not one of those mom's who cries on the first day of school, not ready to let my babies go. I'm also not one of those mom's who can't wait to send their kids to school at the end of a break or summer, to get them out of my hair. I'm a happy medium. I have my kids because I like to spend time with them and be with them. But I also realize there comes a time around age 4 that they will start school. And I'm cool with that, too!

But I just don't know if he's ready yet! All my other kids? They were ready, I had no question about that. But him? I just don't know.

I mean, he's kinda naughty. Ok...not kinda...really naughty!! If he was my first born I'd 1.) Wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong!! and 2) Never have another one of these heathens again!! For shizzle my nizzle!! But since he's numbero seven, I know it's not my parenting, since all the other's are relatively normal human beings! It's him. It's his personality. It's just the way he is. (And lucky for him, McKenzie wasn't like this...or he wouldn't have even been a twinkle in my eye!!)

But I've known the preschool teacher for 6 years now. And though I wouldn't call us the kind of friends that call each other up for a night of margarita's and gossip, I do consider us friends. We have called each other outside of school. We get advise from each other. She passes clothes clothes on to us. She has supported us, and prayed for us in some of our darkest times. She's a great person, mother, and teacher. Oh yea, and she has a daughter named Rachel, I mean how cool is that?!? Plus, Tyler, like, LOVES this lady! He runs to her every morning. Jumps right into her arms, and gives her a great big hug.

I've talked with her and the principal (who by the way is equally wonderful) about my reluctance of enrolling Tyler in school. They tell me he'll do great. He'll be fine. They can handle him. I don't doubt they can. But she sees him being lovey and giving hugs. What's she going to do when she turns her back and he's drinking the coffee from her desk, or when she finds out he thinks his farting ability is his magical power?!? I'm telling you, this kid is naughty!

I can't handle decisions like this. July can't come soon enough. After tuition is paid, there's no going back. No refunds. Wait...I wonder if they give refunds if your kid is so naughty he gets kicked right the heck out?!



Maybe he'll surprise you. I think my kids end up being better at school than they are for me!


You're hilarious.. I also had one that thinks he has magic tooting powers (and he is now 13)
while I can't say they grow out of it, the good Lord knows what he is giving us even if it is just a good blog post.. :)


He will be just fine!! I promise...and I have seen the little devilish look he can give!!! All in all, Tyler is a great kid!!

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