Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday Flip-Offs

Time for another edition of Friday Flip-Offs with Momma Kiss. Though I'm noticing a trend here with her...can't remember the last time I saw a Friday Flip-Off post from her! *wink**wink*

At any rate, do it up folks. Yell, vent, cry or what-ch-ya gotta do!!!

Flip-Off You Wanna-Be Ice Cream Truck...Remember when you were a kid, all minding your own business and stuff, sweat dripping from the backs of your knees, and you heard the ice-cream truck's ever so familiar jingle of Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush? Remember that? And you would sprint in the house begging for a dollar, praying you'd make it back outside in time to beat the ice-cream man. You'd bolt to the curb hoping he'd make a turn down your street. Remember that? This is probably the general idea of the truck you were anticipating, right?
Cute little colorful truck, eh?

When the heck did it become acceptable to slap a few pictures of some popsicles on your conversion van, play Vanilla Ice Ice Baby, and drive around the neighborhood preying on little kids? That's exactly what we see once in awhile here in the Ghett-ohhh!!!
**Those aren't my kids, I have no idea who those kids are, if there yours, I mean no harm**
Like I'm going to let my kids buy a sno-cone from the broken out window of your conversion van, dude!! Riiiiiight! Get real here. You wanna be an ice-cream man? That's fine, but for reelz yo...for the love of all that's holy, get a real damn ice cream truck. Your conversion van just isn't cuttin' it!!
Flip-Off Great Wolf Lodge...Our kids raised the most money for a fundraiser we had last week. The grand prize was a family trip to the ever Holy ground of Great Wolf Lodge. For a family of 4. If you remember correctly, we're not a family of 4. The biggest room the Great Wolf Lodge holds is 6 people. Which means we have to have 2 rooms. Which means this little trip they won is going to cost Mr. Goose Poop and I a good $300 or more. Yay!!


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