Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday

Another PYHO with Shell at Things I Can't Say. Enjoy! Be sure to check her out, and all the other bloggers linked up to her today under her post!!

I have a Best Friend (yes, I capitalized that, she's that important!). I've had a Best Friend for 18 years this summer. It's been the same Best Friend for all 18 years, too. I feel strongly about commitment as you see.

There's not one thing in this world that I wouldn't do for her. Not a single thing. Mark my words. I'd go to the end of the earth and back if she needed me to.

We're those annoying Best Friends, too. We hug. Alot. We kiss. On the lips. Ok, ok, ok wait...that didn't quite come out like I meant it to!! We don't swing that way, what I was trying to say is we are close. A hug and a quick peck when we see each other or when we are parting. I think it grosses some people out, or at the very least annoys them.

We've practically grown up together. We lived just down the street from each other as kids. We were together all. the. time. (Unless I was grounded, which, now that I think about it, was all. the. time. too!! But that's for another day!) We went on vacations together. We had classes together. When my dad got his pilot's license, he flew us to Mackinaw Island together. Our parent's paid way too much money to AT&T when we were kids from all our talk time. We spent the night at each other's house every Friday and Saturday. We snuck out of the house together (it's ok...our parent's already know. In fact, it was the cops that told them. When they brought us home one night!). The thought of me calling her parent's Mark and Lin weirds me out. Because they are simply mom and dad. And vice versa with my parent's and her.

She calls my mom and dad just to chat. She sleeps at their house. Without me. I stay at her cottage in the summer with just my family.

We have more memories that you can shake a stick at.

And now you see why I'm so sad. She moved. Away. Away from me. Almost a year ago, now. Now, it's not as bad as it could be. She didn't move to like England or anything. Not even Alaska or California. She didn't even move across the country. She moved across the state. 2 hours away. 2 whole hours. 2 hours away from me.

At first I was ok with it. She had just gotten married, and new hubby lived in a different city. She had been driving the 2 hours back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And was excited to finally live there. And in turn it made me excited for her. But truthfully I was sad. My Best Friend was moving. Away. 2 hours away.

Oh, I didn't show it. When she called me a month before the move, crying, saying she was scared to leave everything she knew, and live in a new city, I told her to knock off the water works, she'd be fine. (No, I really did say that!! That's the kind of friends we are! Always give it to each other straight!) But I did throw in some sentimental and encouraging words to carry her along.

And then on the hottest damn Saturday of my entire life, Mr. Goose Poop and I packed up my Best Friend and moved her 2 hours away.

I won't lie. I've shed tears. I've shed lots of tears. Most days it's ok. I'm a mom to too many kids and barely get time to hang out anyway. But it's times that I talk to her, and she has the morning off, and I think if she lived closer she could come over and have a cup of coffee like old times, that I miss her the most. Or after a rare weekend of seeing her.

Like this weekend. Mr. Goose Poop and I hung out with Best Friend and Mr. Best Friend Friday night and all day Saturday. We didn't to anything that most would consider special, but every moment we spent together was special for us. Even the campfire in the rain, and games in the rain, and the pontoon boat ride in the rain. It was all special. In the rain!! So special, that I didn't even stop the special-ness to snap a few pictures.

So after this weekend of special-ness, I realize it's not going to be ok with her living 2 hours away. I miss her to pieces.

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p.s. I love you!

p.s.s (or is it p.p.s? I never did understand it!) I miss you to pieces!



Ugh.. My best friend and I drifted apart over the past two years as I settled into married life, pregnancy and now life with a baby and it just tears me apart to this day. I feel for you.


Now I'm going to send her a miss you note just so she knows I still think of her.


My sister moved to florida and I was ready to shun her from the family. But it has worked out. iChat is a good thing! You can still have coffee together :)


It's rare to have such a good friend. I can completely understand your sadness. I guess you should try to remember not many of us are that lucky to be so close to someone else unfailingly for so long. Hugs!


This is hard. My best friend moved 3 hours away to attend college and then moved to a different state to attend vet school. She graduated yesterday so thankfully her and her husband are trying to move back. It has been so hard to have her away but anytime we see each other it is amazing how things just fall into place and it's like we haven't been apart. we have been friends since early elementary school. I miss her dearly. I am sorry she has moved so far from you and I hope you get to see her more often.

By the way I love the name of your blog


Oh, that's so hard- it's getting close to two years since I moved away from mine- though we are about 10 hours apart now. :(


I haven't had a best friend that long but recently my bf told me that she was possibly going to move to Texas. ( we live in florida) I was devastated! I was happy for her because it would have been a BIG promotion for her husband. In the end, it didn't happen. I would dearly miss my bf.
Maybe you two could skype!

Not a Perfect Mom

my sister is moving across the country next month...I am soooo sad...she's my bestie...
I'm sorry...


Hey it's me!! The BEST friend...I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!...thanks for turning my perfectly peaceful Wednesday evening into a tear fest!!!...Mr.Best Friend came to see what I was doing, and little did he know he would have a tearful wife on his hands!!...Brat, I love you to death, and (fingers crossed) it will only be a few more months of being 2 hrs apart...XOXO
P.S. Thanks again for the dress, earrings and not to mention the necklace...Yes best friend not only is the busiest woman on the planet, she also finds the time to MAKE me a dress, earrings and necklace!!
P.S.S. Your the best EVER!!!
P.S.S.S. See you soon!!!

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