Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raise your hand if you have so many kids you needed not one...but TWO sets of triple bunks!!!

Ohh Ohh Ohh....pick me...pick me!!!!

Yup....We have so many kids, and so little space, we had to get ourselves two sets of triple bunk beds!!!

Now getting yourself even one set of triple bunk beds can prove to be changeling enough. And I needed two. I looked at a few furniture stores. Didn't find anything. Guess they aren't as common as I thought. So, of course, I go to where everyone goes when they're looking for something they can't find: Google!

Oh glorious Google. Type in "Triple Bunk Beds" Of course Google's heard of triple bunks before. Something like 233,487, 143 pages found faster than the speed of light. Yes, there's got to be something that'll work.

I clicked on the first site that popped up. OK, cool, these are neat, I can work with this, I bet shipping will break the bank but we need them, let's just scroll down, check out the price! I think something along the lines of "Yea, friggin' right" came out of my mouth. $1700 for ONE set. Absolutely not! Lets get to the next site, these people are out of their minds if they think I'm paying $1700 plus shipping for one dang set. Kiss my....anyway

Next site....These boneheads wanted $3000 for a set!! This went on for about 7 1/2 minutes before I realized the first two sites weren't the only scammers around!! Come to find out $1700 is the cheapest I could find them. Throw in $350 for shipping and we've got ourselves a grand total of what?!? $4100 smackers??? Pffffttt....

"Daaaaaaaaaady!!!!!" Isn't that what all girls do? Go to daddy when they need something? Or is it just me?? I figured hey, he designed and built McKenzie's loft bed a few years back, how hard can a triple bunk be?!? McKenzie's is much more complicated. He wanted to behead me! That I could tell. But he loves the dickins out of me, so, though he may have bitched and moaned that I needed something else, he agreed to do it! Don't you just love dad's?!? I have hands down the best dad in the whole wide world.

So, dad drew up the plans for the triple bunks. And he and Mr. Goose Poop get started. I'm thinking it'll take 2 weeks, 3 tops. I mean, how hard can it be? I'm not looking for anything special. No cool designs or anything. A few cuts here, and couple of screws there, whall-ah, right? Wrong!! More than wrong! Way passed wrong!

My dad and Mr. Goose Poop worked their tails off working on this bed. It took weeks, as in about 8 weeks. Granted, they didn't work on it every day, but still. So the 8 weeks come and go, and their done. Yes, now it'll only be another couple days until the beds are finished. All I had to do was put a quick coat of stain on them and varnish them up. Quick?? Yea right! Nothing quick about it. It took me days to get just one coat of stain on those dang things. And we're not done yet! Varnish still has to go on...

Like a dummy I decided since the new beds were almost done, and the old ones needed to come out anyway, that I'd take them down a week early and sand, stain, and varnish the boy's floors too. Augh, what was I thinking? (That seems to be an over-used saying by me now-a-days doesn't it?) So I start that, and thank the Heavens above, my mom busted her behind varnishing as fast as her fingers allowed, while I stained and varnished my floors as fast as my fingers allowed.

Beds? Check! Floors? Check! Wanna see 'em? They turned out fab!

That will be Jacob on the top, Dylan in the middle, and Tyler on the bottom!

That will be Jonah on the top, Carter in the middle, and Christian on the bottom!
They're fabulous aren't they?!? The kids love them! My mom, dad, Mr. Goose Poop and I worked so very hard to get them done. And I am so happy with the way the turned out.
While they did in fact cost much much less than $4000, with all the time and effort these things took by the 4 of us, I can maybe see why they charge so much. And the ones I was looking at on-line were much more "spiffy" than these ones. Not that I would ever pay that much, 'cuz thank goodness I've got my daddy!


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