Monday, August 2, 2010

I guess I'll take 30!

Well, I just wrote out a whole entire post about being 30 and what cool gifts I got from Mr. Goose Poop. Then realized, I can't actually say what my gifts are quite yet. It's a 2 part gift, and one part hasn't been given to the other participant yet. And that participant might actually read this, so I'll have to let you know how spoiled I got at a later date.

The jist of it is, I gave being 30 a try for a week. And I guess it's not as bad as I thought. I guess I'll take it, but only if I have too!! I still feel old...just sayin'!

The Goose Poop household had a fabulous weekend. We went to Mr. Goose Poop's parent's cottage for the weekend. Both of his sister's and their families met us there. We all brought our campers and set up shop in their front yard. We celebrated all the birthday's in the family from April, May, June, and July. Such a blast. We had such a fun time being with family.

My poor inlaws! Here, obviously, they live just the two of them on this nice peaceful cottage up in Newaygo. Usually they wake up on Saturday morning, it's quiet, it's peaceful, it's glorious. They look outside and see the sun come up, the calm of the water, the fishermen out on the lake. They have their coffee (in the quiet), they read a little I'm guessing (in the quiet), they get some chores done around the cottage (in the quiet), they spend time together (in the quiet). Well, not this weekend let me tell you! It's was anything but quiet, that's for sure. There were 15 extra kids, and 6 extra adults at their place all weekend. That's an extra 21 people, making 23 people including them!!

I love the cottage. It's such a peaceful and fun place. I love how when we are making dinner, Brian turns the music up real loud, blasting music thru the cottage and the outside speakers. It just makes you want to dance around! I love how he just wants to put a drink in your hand. I think one of the greatest moments I had all weekend was Saturday night. The men folk were watching the kids in the water, the music was cranked (even if it was Mexican, and I had no clue what they were singing about!), Brian had just made Morgan and I a drink, we were trying to solve the case of the missing hard boiled eggs, Morgan and I were in the kitchen making dinner, Angie was cookin' up the dogs, you could hear the laughter from the kids playing in the water, and were were all together. There, all in one place. Enjoying each other. Yup, I'm sure that was my favorite moment of the weekend!

They were troopers about it, though. It's got to be hard to have 21 people invading your space for a weekend. And not only that, 15 of them are kids. 15 kids getting into everything, 15 kids asking Nonnie for a drink, 15 kids asking Poppie if he has a fishing pole they can use, 15 kids wanting on Nonnie's lap, 15 kids asking Poppie to take them on a boat ride, 15 kids needing breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think Nonnie and Poppie loved every minute of it to be honest! Though I'm sure they probably collapsed with a cup of coffee in hand once we left last night! I know, I needed a vacation from our vacation!!

My 2 sisters and I got the serving of 15 kids down to a science! After the weekend was over, the three of us decided that having 2 wives would be the world's best gift!! Haa haa...

And the 3 of us started a new birthday tradition. It's the greatest thing...thanks Morgan for the idea! What is it you ask? Well...ask me about it, I'll say that!

Overall, a great weekend again with family. I forgot my camera...bummer, I was so mad at myself. I almost asked Mr. Goose Poop to drive the hour home to go get it for me. I decided not to. So I have no pictures of the weekend. But my sister, Morgan, was a picture taking fool (I mean that in the nicest way possible Morgan!), so I'm sure I can get some from her.

Next weekend, it's my dad's side of the family for the weekend. I can hardly wait. Corunna might possibly be one of my most favorite places on earth.


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