Friday, August 27, 2010

Praise be to God! For He is good!

As many of you know, Mr. Goose Poop and I have been in a lenghty court battle regarding custody of Jacob and Carter. It has been a long and stressful road. But yesterday God answered our prayers.

The outcome wasn't completely in our favor, but was better than it could have been.

Back in January Mr. Goose Poop filed for custody of the boys. We've been in and out of court mediation's, thru lenghty court investigations, to the end of the world and back getting our case together. We for sure couldn't have done any of this without my wonderful mom. She's been burning the midnight oil many nights looking up anything and everything she could that would help our case. For the past few nights she and Mr. Goose Poop have sat up until midnight going over anything and making notes for court. She was, in all aspects, our "lawyer". And if it wasn't for her, this post would be singing a different tune today.

After a little over 4 hours in court yesterday, and not to mention a soar butt, (Why do they have to make those benches so darn hard on your back side??) the judge gave us his final decision. It is ordered in court that Mr. Goose Poop and Ex are to still share joint legal custody. At first we were disappointed in his decision, but then he went on to explain. I won't bore you with details, but after the judge's little spiel, I can understand why we didn't. While the boys' mom certainly does some (in our eyes) questionable things, and isn't on the ball for the most part, she isn't detrimental to their well-being. I do honestly believe she is doing the best she can with what she has at the moment.

Now regarding physical custody, that we were granted. So we now have full physical custody of the boys. Their new schedule during the school year is visitation with their mother every other weekend and a few hours each Wednesday night (should she choose to exercise those hours). And the summer schedule is a week on - week off schedule. Meaning the boys will be with us from Friday to Friday, then with their mother from Friday to Friday. In no way shape or form were we trying to take those boys away from their mother. In fact, the schedule we proposed was the exact same schedule we have been following for a year now. Meaning she would still get all the time she has been getting with the boys, which was the first 3 weekends of the month. The judge just ordered her to have two weekends instead, but gave her a few hours each Wednesday evening also.

My heart goes out to their mother. By the end of court she was crying, as I would be. I also share custody of my kids with their father, and if I was in her position I can't even imagine how I'd feel. I'd be emotional and crying also. That I know for sure. As she sat their crying, as the judge wrapped up the hearing, all I could do was imagine giving her a hug and telling her that everything would be ok. That not much has changed, we're for the most part just following what we've been doing, Mr. Goose Poop and I were just given the credit where credit was due. That she would still see her children, and to re-assure her that it's not our intent to take the boys away from her. I didn't of course, hug her that is. That's probably the last thing she wanted. A hug from her ex-husband's new wife, who just won custody of her kids. But I do hope that God grants her peace and understanding in the judge's decision. Mr. Goose Poop and I both agree that if this is what she needs to help her become a better mom to those boys, then that's what we were looking for. If this helps her to get her things together, and stable herself out, there is no reason that we can't go back and re-evaluate the situation (much much!) later on down the road.

But for today, God answered our prayers. We're now the custodial parents. Yes, God is good indeed. A big thank you to all of you. For every one's prayers, for every one's support, and also for your friendships. If it weren't for the wonderful people we choose to surround ourselves with, this wouldn't have been possible.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
~Matthew 7:7-8


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