Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that!!

I haven't really been keeping up on the blog lately. I know excuses are like...well, you know, so I'm not going to give you any. Lets just say, I've again, over scheduled, over booked, and over volunteered my time. What's new, huh? What ev, I thrive on this crap! If I keep telling myself that, it'll be true right? Right?!? C'mon, someone tell me I'm right!!

We've been busy. Like, real busy. Like I can hardly remember what my handsome Mr. Goose Poop looks like. Ahhh...being a mom to 7, what a life!

Here's a funny conversation McKenzie and I had the other night. I was doing the dishes after dinner last Tuesday. We were waiting for my parents to come over to watch the kids because Mr. Goose Poop and I had the kids' school conferences. You know, where you go to see how justified you are for beating them?!? Anyway, so I'm standing there, doing dishes, McKenzie has been asking me, more like begging me, for weeks to cut her hair. I keep telling her no. She keep begging me more (stop laughing mom!). I had no real reason to tell her no. Other than I just didn't feel like cutting her hair. Oh yea, and it's just plain fun saying no to your kids! But, really, no good reason to say no. I mean, it's her hair. As long as it's there and not green/purple/blue or any other color of the rainbow, I don't really give a damn. So she asks, I say no. She asks again. I say no again. She begs, and begs, and begs. She says Gretchen got her hair cut, and it's so cute, and she wanted it cut like Gretchen's. I look down, think to myself there is no good reason not to, and before I could stop myself, I heard me say "Sure I'll cut your hair...if you finish the dinner dishes, and give your little brother a bath tonight so Grandma doesn't have to!" That's right folks...I bribed my daughter. And I'm not ashamed! I totally did it.

It started like this....

And ended like this...

It's cute. I like it. And the little twerp didn't even give her little bro a bath, Grandma did it after all! Stinker!

And by the way, just for the record, all kids are still alive after conferences! They may have even been able to stay up late that night. I'm such a sucker...

Weekend was busy. Friday night Kenz rode the bus home with her girlfriend. For a kid that doesn't ride the bus, riding the bus home with a friend is the shiz-nit. Especially it being the friend that had that cool hair cut, that you just had to have. Plus it didn't hurt that it made your 6 brothers jealous!! So she goes to her friends, and the other 6 boys go to a pj party from 5:00-9:30 at school. Kenz and the girlfriend go too, by the way. They got to wear pj's, run around the school, and have the teachers "babysit" them. And, the cost was only $30!! $30 for 7 kids, for 4-1/2 hours. We (and in "we" I mean "my parents"!) gave them $40 instead. Still, that's like a steal. Those teachers...suckers!! HaaHaa!!

Saturday I went and picked up McKenzie and said girlfriend with the cool haircut for a sleepover at our house. But first, a majestic trip to the holy ground...the mall. What. The. Hell. Was. I. Thinking?!? A trip to the mall on December 4th?!? Oh yea, I wasn't!! I was reminded why I don't do the mall. Especially in December. Trying to find a parking spot!?! Pffft...I was almost to the point of parking in a handicap spot and telling McKenzie to limp!! Nuts! Totally and unquestionably, put me in a nut-house crazy! McKenzie walked in the mall with 2 holes in her ears, and walked out of the mall with 4 holes in her ears!

Was it worth going to the mall? In December? Hell no! I'da given the girl $100 if she let me wait until January to take her. But she wasn't waiting one more second to get those second holes shot in her ears! She's been waiting since she was 7, and I told her when she turned 10 she could get a second hole. Well, she'll be 10 next week, and she wasn't waiting. Hence, the trip to the mall. In December.

On home we go. Since she had a friend over, I couldn't let the friend (who by the way I'm close with! She's in my Girl Scout troop, plus I'm friend's with her mom!) think I was some boring lame mom. So we crafted. A fun craft.

The boys did it too. And notice the twinner cool hair cuts! So totally awesome dude! Like, totally rad man!

Sunday was a mad dash around the house. My parents and my grandma were coming over to celebrate McKenzie and Dylan's birthday's.

It's not "actually" their birthday's yet. We just celebrate them now since they are so close to the holiday. So I won't go gettin' all sappy and teary eyed on ya yet!

Lame-O cakes. I didn't even have time to get them cool cakes. Family Fare pre-made cakes had to save the day 25 minutes before the "party"!

Kenz got a homemade "snuggie". Why she wanted a sunggie? I have no idea. But she's wanted one for a long time now, so her GiGi made her one!

The ever loved, ever prayed for American Girl! She was totally surprised, and totally geeked about getting her!

Here's Dylan's ever loved, ever prayed for gift. His MP3 player. See, we have a rule at our house that you can't have a "real" MP3 player until you turn 7. He's turning 7 in a few weeks, so it was his turn to get an MP3 player.

And now it's 10:30. The kids are in bed, Mr. Goose Poop is playing a video game, the dinner dishes are still in the sink, and I'm dead-dog tired. But there is no rest for the weary. Or is it no rest for the idiots who can't learn to say "no"?!? Next week is the school's Christmas Shop that I run/organize. It's bound to be a busy week, it always is. Plus, my poor Carter has to get his tooth pulled in the morning. Boo-hoo!

And hey dad, by the way, now I know why you never use a napkin from my house!!

You may want to bring your own next time you come to dinner!! Yup, that's totally Raven taking a little napper in the napkin holder! Ahh haa haa haa haa!!!


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