Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who ever started "Slug Bug"...

...should be shot! Twice! Right between the eyes!! And I'm so not joking here!
(OK, maybe I am, I don't ever want to see someone shot..but who ever it is should be seriously injured!)

You see, every time we see a VW Bug, this is the conversation in the van....

"Slug-bug Green!"

"Owe!! Why do you hit so hard?!"

"I didn't!"

"Yes, you did too!"

"No I did not. Besides, you always hit that hard!"

"No I don't. You punched me! I don't punch!"

"Yes you do, you always punch me when you see a bug. And I didn't hit hard. Baby!"

"I'm not a baby, and yes you do too hit hard! Next time I'm going to hit you just as hard as you hit me!"

"What ever!"

Every time we see a bug I hear that conversation! EVERY. TIME!!!

Then there are the kids in the back...

"Slug-bug Green!"

"That wasn't green, it was blue!"
"So, slug-bug blue!"

"Nut-Augh, it was Green! Slug bug green!"

"No, slug bug blue!"

"No, green!"

"No, blue!"

" hit me!"

"Well, he hit me first!"

"No, I slug-bugged you, and then you hit me back!"

"Yea, cuz you hit me first!"

I mean, really? Who invented this "game"? Who ever it was surely didn't have kids. And certainly not *7* of them!! What a stupid game! Oh...Oh...Oh...look a car...punch! Dummies! Don't even get me started on the "Cadillac Whack"!! And Jonah just informed me of the "PT Cruiser Bruiser!" Goodness...what's next? The "Van Slam"?!? The "Car That's Going Too Slow Blow"?!?

Yup....who ever started this game should be shot...or injured at the very least!


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