Saturday, December 18, 2010

'Tis the season...

...for messy kitchens.....

...and naughty kids!!!
Today we are going to my sister's to celebrate Christmas with Shawn's side of the family. It's going to be low key, so I was put in charge of the desserts. So...I dessert-ed!! All. Day. Long!
...and loved it!
I love to bake. I found some yummy new recipes, and couldn't wait to make them. I made 24 mini apple pies, a batch of Rocky Roads, about a thousand "S" shaped cookies, and about 50 Cherry Almond Sweetie Pies! Yum-O!!
But why does it always seem like my kitchen is a disaster area the whole month of December, and my kids seem to have forgotten what the rules are around here and turn into little brats?!? Riddle me that riddler! I even had to pull out all the Christmas receipts yesterday and tell them that I'm not afraid to return everything under that tree!! I'd so do it, too.
Having a clean kitchen is the only thing I look forward to when Christmas is done. The day after Christmas is like the most depressing day ever, but damn kitchen is clean!
But for now I cook...I bake...I make a mess of my kitchen. And I welcome it. Because it means we're cooking for family that we get to spend time with.
Speaking of...I better go get the rest of the Cherry Sweetie Pies done before it's time for the first of many Christmas Parties. This is the one where my sister Angie will succeed at giving me too much wine, and I don't DO wine. There's just something about slamming, I mean, sipping wine with Angie and Morgan. It'll get ya every time!



LOL, Merry Christmas!!

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