Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Three....For real this time!!

1. Excited

2. Disappointed

3. Optimistic

Mr. Goose Poop and I have been talking about buying a new mattress set for over a year now. But there were three things stopping us....he wanted a memory foam mattress, and I didn't. He wanted a king size mattress, and I was content with our full. And, more importantly, holy sticker shock batman!! But the time finally came when we just couldn't get a good night's sleep on our mattress any more. It's finally to a point where my toes ache when I get up in the morning. So last week Friday, we broke down and went mattress shopping. We compromised....we got the cheapest, good quality, queen size memory foam mattress set that we could find. And it's being delivered this morning some time. I'm so excited to finally sleep on a normal mattress where we don't roll into the middle "dip" every night!! I have my phone attached to my hip this morning, as to not miss the we're-on-our-way call. New comforter & sheets are washed and awaiting patiently in the corner, ready to see their new home.

2. My sweet, helpful, crafty, patient, loving daughter has been struggling lately. She's been lieing and stealing. Not from stores. But things around the house. I've caught her going in my purse and taking gum that's not hers. I've caught her sneaking in my room and taking my hair things/make-up/perfume/what ever tickles her fancy. I have a stash in the basement of things I find on sale that I buy and stash away until I need a last minute gift. I've caught her going into the stash, opening gifts that she wants, then throwing the packaging under the shelves in the basement. Last night I had a come-to-Jesus-talk with her. I faked calling the cops, I told her that maybe she could go live with another mom who would be able to teach her better than I could. I'm so disappointed in her. I just don't know how to teach her.

3. As you know, we're in the middle of building a new garage. Wait...I take that back, we haven't quite gotten to the point of building yet. We're still in the middle of demolition of the old one, and building of the retaining wall for my new garden that needs to be done before we can start the garage. But I'm optimistic that one day we won't live in the middle of a construction zone every day of our lives.



Wait a minute - I'm here searching for an e-mail to reply to you - and Hell - you got my button! GAH! Yay! Well hi, nice to meetcha. I'll be back to catch up - but wanted to say waxing...once you go wax, you'll never go bax. True story.

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