Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flip-Offs

Who do you have to flip off today? Let's hear it...yell, scream, cry, or vent. Do what you gotta do to get it out. You'll feel better, promise!

Flip-Off Rain...All the "stuffings" of my shed are laying in my backyard. Mr. Goose Poop doesn't have to work today, and was planning on working on the new garage all day. But now it's raining. So he can't. Boo hiss...

Flip-Off Tyler...You know momma love you very much. But all this crying? Really? You have been crying about everything lately. I can understand crying if you've gotten hurt, but crying because you have to finish your cereal is not acceptable. C'mon kid, get it together.

Flip-Off Kitchen Floor....I can never keep you clean. And I'm sick of sweeping and mopping you. I'm going on strike.

Flip-Off Front Yard...We've literally tried to get grass to grow on you, at the very least, 8 times. We've had professionals out to tell us what to use. Gotten professional grass seed. We've remembered to water you every night, no matter how tired we are, and you still won't grow grass for us. You're making us look trashier than we already look. Something's gotta give here.



And you do the flip offs? I need to get my ass back to regular posting because I do miss flipping shit off. My kitchen floor "looks" clean but only because my dog eats every single thing that drops. When you get down in there and look? Full of his dog slobber. Ew.

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