Friday, February 11, 2011

Say it isn't so...

So today is Friday....and can I just tell you....TYLER'S BEEN WEARING UNDERS SINCE MONDAY MORNING!! (ok...not to bed, but all day long!) And he *knock on wood* hasn't had one accident!!
Mr. Goose Poop and I were seriously starting to think he'd be in diapers for the rest of his freakin' life! We've tried the whole potty training thing, and it wasn't working. Tyler just wasn't interested. It was at the point where we'd see his face turning red, and scrunching up, and we'd whisk him off to the potty, knowing he had to poop. That danged kid would sit on the toilet for over an hour and not poop. I'd tell him he wasn't able to get up until he pooped...he didn't care. He's sit it out. I'd give up. Put a diaper on him and not 10 minutes later, you guessed it...he'd poop in his diaper. Ahhhh....

But I'm proud to say, he's been in unders since Monday morning. Oh Lord, Heavenly Father, Gracious One...please, if I never ask for anything again...please 'o please let him be done with the diapers. I promise I won't ask for anything ever again, for as long as I live!!!

Oh the things you get excited about when you're a parent!!

On a much different note...I just sent Mr. Goose Poop and McKenzie out the door for a Daddy-Daughter Dance.

She looked stunning! (Can you say that about a 10 year old?!? Doesn't seem right!) Yes, there were tears shed. And I can only imagine what it'll be like when I send her off on her first date. (If I'm still alive to send her off when she's 44!)

Here she is...

Unbelievable she's this old already!! She's like a...a...a...a young lady or something!!



She's beautiful. I know no parent wants to hear this, but you're going to be fighting those boys away with a stick (or a nail filled club... or a shot gun, lol).

And YAY for Tyler! Here's to (hopefully) the last of your diaper days. :)


Miss McKenzie, I remember the day you were born!!!...I was in the room and watched the entire thing and cried just as hard as you did when you came out!!...I love you so much, and it's so incredible how grown up you are getting!! are absolutely the most beautiful girl in the world!!...

I Love you...XOXO
Aunt Tracy

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