Friday, February 18, 2011

My Strange Addiction, Girl's Weekend, Missing My Husband, and other random thoughts for today...

Have you ever seen the show My Strange Addiction? I've only seen it two or three times. This morning, while doing a certain something (I'll get to that in a minute), I saw a commercial for it. And then my brain wandered...these people are really weird...and then I looked in the mirror, and thought "Oh my goodness...I'm addicted!"

You see, when I looked in the mirror...I looked like the Bride of Chuckie (and to be honest...I once was the Bride of Chuckie...litterally...the ex's name is Chuck!!), but I'm talking about that weird-haired doll thing. (I wish I had my camera, I'da taken a picture. But I don't, so I didn't.) Anyway, back on topic...the reason I looked like that weird doll thing is because I was streaking my hair. A.G.A.I.N!! I had on the weird shower cap thing with holes in it that you pull your hair thru and color only that part of your hair. And as I stood there listening to that commercial looking like the Bride of Chuckie...I thought maybe I really am addicted to coloring my hair. I mean, see post below...I just colored my hair 2 weeks ago! But already I got bored with it and had to do something about it. So I woke up this morning, and decided to streak my hair. There you have it...I'm addicted to hair color!

(Tyler just came out a few minutes ago with his potty seat on his head like some kind of hat. I told him to take it off, that it's gross and now it's getting in his hair. I should give him a bath, shouldn't I? Nah...he's supposed to go to his dad's tonight!!)

On to topic numero dos...I'm pumped up for this weekend. It's one of my favorite weekends of the year. Tomorrow around 10:00 am my BFF (I feel so high school using that abbreviation!) is coming to pick me up and we are north-bound. North-bound to the cottage for our annual Girl's Weekend. We're on year...gee I don't even know, 10 maybe. All of us girls head north for a night. No boys allowed. There is usually about 12-15 of us, though this year there'll only be 11. I know it doesn't sound so fun to ya'll...but the thing is...the cottage has been shut down for the winter. We go and live like cavemen for a night! No running water, and a furnace that pretty much does nothing for us. When Tracie and I go to bed (yes we're 30 years old and still sleep together!) at night up in the loft...we can still see our breath! And Tracie and I make the trek over yonder to the creek (since the lake is usually frozen solid) and fill 5 gallon buckets for water. We heat the water for dishes. And you aren't allowed to flush the toilet! Which means toilet paper ends up in the trash...not the toilet! Every 10 or so pees, someone goes in and fills the toilet tank, and we flush. And then we repeat the process for the weekend! Sounds fun, eh? We sit around drinking, playing games, gossiping, and eating around the fire place. We also have a (both moms and grandma...please close your ears and skip below!) sex toy party. It's great fun, and I just can't wait until the morning!

Topic three...Wednesday morning I sent Mr. Goose Poop off to 5th grade camp. Jonah's class is going to camp this week, and Mr. Goose Poop volunteered to chaperon. They left Wednesday morning and are due back late tonight. As much as I like having control of the remote, and having the bed (and covers) to myself, I miss him. I'm ready for him to come home now. That's all.

(Tyler just came up to me and said "Look mom, my forehead and hair is wet!" I asked him how it got wet. He told me he stuck his head in the toilet!! I wish he would have told me before...I would have given him some shampoo and made it worth his while!!)

My house is (fairly) clean, the sun is shining, and I have new hair. Girls (you know who you are), the Chex Mix is in the oven as I type this, and I'll see all your smiling faces in the morning!

***Edited to add the following***

After I published this post, I sat Tyler down with a snack on the couch to watch Oomie Zoomie, and settled in for a nice conversation with my mom. When all the sudden Tyler is screaming bloody murder! He comes running into the kitchen, and told me he got a pretzel stuck up his nose! That's right folks...I gave him some of those mini pretzel sticks for a snack and he shoved one up his nose, then proceeded to break a piece off up there!! Oy!! And he didn't just stick it up there, he shoved that darn thing all the way to his brain! I let my mom go, and searched frantically for my tweezers. Two days ago, they were on my dresser from the latest sliver removal. Now? There gone! Of course! Tyler tells me dad has some in his shop. Ah yes, yes he does. Why didn't I think of that?!? I race downstairs. Wondering if I have enough time to get Tyler to the hospital to get the pretzel removed from his brain before I had to pick the kids up from school, or if I was going to have to call my mom and ask her to pile 5 kids in her truck at 3:10! I was sure I wasn't going to be able to dig that thing out of there. But, as luck would have it, the tweezers reached his brain and I removed the pretzel! Thank you Lord!! No, really, thank you!
And now it's taped up on the fridge along with his first ever stitches, the bean-bag bean he shoved up there a few months ago, and the monstrous sliver McKenzie had dug out of her foot on New Year's Eve! My fridge is quickly becoming a gallery of things we've removed from our kids!



Ah, love the sound of your fridge! The girls weekend sounds like fun... well, minus the no water part. That part sounds like my trip to Mexico.

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