Monday, February 28, 2011

The American Dream...what is it really?

The American Dream....

It sounds so nice, doesn't it? Every one's chasing the American Dream. White, 2 story house with shutters and a red door. White, picket fence and pool in the back yard. 2.5 kids. The all American job. Relaxing vacations on Spring Break. Your kids are on the honor roll, and the star football/basketball/soccer player. You belong the the local Country Club. Hubby goes to work, wife is a homemaker. You have a fat bank account, and plenty of nice material things. Making it to your 50th wedding anniversary. Apple pie, bbq's in the back yard every summer, and homemade cookies for the kids after school. Football games on Sunday afternoons.

Now I know this is extreme and not all people think like this. But this is *usually* the definition of "The American Dream."

But this what everyone wants? Or is this was society says you should have to be an All American? If you don't have these things, or better yet, don't even want these things...does that make you less of an American?!

It sounds luxurious, eh? Naaahhh...I don't think so either! I think the American Dream is what you make it. A good mix of what you have and what you strive for.

I've always wanted the white house with a red door and a picket fence. But not because society said so, but because I like that style. I don't feel like less of a person because I live in a brick and tan house. Really...2.5 kids? How is that even possible? I happen to like my 7 kids just fine, thanks. Still feel American for it, too. The country club? Naahh...not my style. Am I less than American because we don't take a Spring Break vacation? And *gasp*...we'll probably never be able to take our kids to Disney World! Oh the horror of it all!! I'm confident that Mr. Goose Poop and I will make it to our 50th wedding anniversary. But we'll be 80 before that happens, since we're both divorced, and didn't get married until we were 29 & 30. Are we less American because we're divorced? Does that take us out of the running to qualify for living American Dream?

Well, if so, I guess I'm ok with that. I'm living my American Dream. And if my American Dream doesn't live up to what society says it should, then society can keep its American Dream. Cuz I happen to think it stinks!


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