Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I should be doing laundry, so I decided to give you some Wednesday Random-ness instead...

Poison oak is not an oak and poison ivy is not an ivy. Both are members of the cashew family. Who knew??

Why is honey so easy to digest? Because it's already been digested by bees!! Gross, no wonder I don't like honey!

In Tuscumbia, Alabama, it is against the law for more than eight rabbits to reside on the same block. (Can't have too many bunnies on the same block now!)

In Birmingham, Alabama, it is illegal to drive a car while blindfolded. (Thank goodness!)
(Boy, those southerners sure got it all covered, don't they?!?)

In Arizona it is illegal to hunt or shoot a camel. (Dang it, we were just planning an excursion to Arizona to get us some camel meat, too!)

In Atlanta it is illegal to make faces at school children while they are studying. (Guess if kids fail a test, they can't use the excuse that someone distracted their studying by making a face!)

In Hawaii no one may whistle in a drinking establishment. (What if you work in a drinking establishment? Can't you "whistle while you work??!?")

A law in Zioo, Illinois, prohibits teaching household pets to smoke cigars. (Screw the humans, they can get lung cancer all they want....but we gotta protect those cats and dogs!)

According to Kentucky law, women may not appear on the highway in bathing suits unless they carry a club. (Better remember my club next time I'm in Kentucky walking down the highway in my skimpy two-piece!!)

In Marblehead, Massachusetts, each fire company responding to an alarm must provide a three-gallon jug of rum. (I bet they get alot of alcoholics starting their own houses on fire!)

It is illegal to fish for whales in any stream, river, or lake in Ohio. (Must be no one listened to this law, since they caught all the whales and now there aren't any left!!)

It is unlawful to tie a crocodile to a fire hydrant in Detroit. (Must be you gotta use the telephone pole instead!)

In Minnesota it is illegal to dry both men's and women's underwear on the same clothesline. (See, that's why I don't use the clothesline. What the point if I can't dry Mr. Goose Poop's underwear and mine together?!?)

In Natchez, Mississippi, it is unlawful for elephants to drink beer. (I wondered why, when my parents took me there long ago, that I didn't see any drunk elephants. Now I know!)

It is illegal for barbers in Waterloo, Nebraska, to eat onions between 7am and 7pm. (Duh...)

In Portland, Oregon, it is illegal to shake a feather duster in someones face. (Note to abusive parents...don't move to Portland Oregon!)

A South Carolina statute states that butchers may not serve on a jury when a man is being tried for murder. (Cuz you know, butchers not only think it's ok to slaughter a cow, but also your fellow neighbor!!)

Myth: "Give me a home where the buffalo roam, and the deer ad the antelope play..."
Fact: There are no antelope in North America. The animal the song probably refers to is the proghorn (?!?), which resembles an antelope. Real antelope only live in Asia and Africa.

Myth: The forbidden fruit eaten by Eve was an apple.
Fact: The Bible make reference to the "fruit of the tree" (Genesis 3:5), but names no particular fruit. Horticulturists say that apple trees have never grown in the area where the Garden of Eden supposedly existed. She probably ate a pomegranate.

Myth: Hunger is triggered by an empty stomach.
Fact: Hunger is set off when nutrients are absent in the bloodstream. In response to this, the brain begins rhythmic constrictions of the stomach and intestines, which causes stomach grumbling and the feeling of hunger.

Myth: A limb "falls asleep" because its blood supply is cut off.
Fact: The feeling of numbness-called neurapraxia-happens when a major nerve is pinched a hard object or bone. This causes the harmless temporary sensations of numbness, but the blood continues to flow normally.

Myth: Pandas are bears.
Fact: The red panda is an extremely large cousin of the raccoon (with the exception of the giant panda which is actually a bear!).

Myth: I love kids and that's why I have so many.
Fact: I hate kids and this was all an accident!!

OK, so the last one may not by totally true!! But I had to see if you were listening! There's your random-ness for the week. Learn something new every day! Remember, next time you're in Detroit, don't go and tie your crocodile up to any fire hydrants!! You'll get a free ride to the slammer!!



2 for Cali:

Eureka, Ca- Men with mustaches are forbidden to kiss women.

LA, Ca- Toads may not licked.

and 2 for Montana:

Excelsior Springs, Mt- Worrying squirrels will not be tolerated.

Whitehall, Mt- It is illegal to operate a vehicle with ice picks attached to the wheels.

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