Friday, November 5, 2010

My Friday Five...

1. Colors
2. Rain on a week day
3. Friends the kids have
4. No plans on a weekend
5. Teachers at ISJ

1. Today I am thankful for the colors changing around us. The trees are vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange. Fall in Michigan is the best fall around. I love the way the leaves crunch under foot. I love they way they fly up in the air when the kids run through them. If I could stop a moment in time, it'd be a day in fall.

2. I tell Mr. Goose Poop all the time I don't like it when he's here during the day! He messes up my whole operation! Any stay at home mom/wife knows, you have a routine, right? And when he's here, he messes it all up. Not on purpose, and I don't mean that in a bad way, he just does. I never get anything done when he's here! But yesterday, right smack dab in the middle of his day it started raining. I told him I didn't care what he did, but he couldn't come home yet! He did end up getting home a few hours early, and of course, I didn't get anything done the rest of the day. Now today, he just called me's raining! They are out for breakfast, trying to wait it out! Wait it out my ass...they are scamming a free breakfast before they do the inevitable....come home! They all know they'll come home, they we're just hungry first! I told him, just like yesterday, I don't care where he goes, he just can't come home! Secretly (well, not any more...he reads this!!), I really kinda like it when he comes home early. It one of those love-hate relationships if you know what I mean. But today I think I love it! Sounds like a good day to be lazy with my husband!

3. I love that my kids have friends! Sounds silly right?? Most kids do. But today I'm really loving it because there is a really awesome family that we know that has 3 boys. Same ages as some of our boys. And two of their boys are best buds with two of our boys. So those two boys of ours are being picked up right after school today to have a sleep-over at their friend's house. They have been so excited about it, they haven't slept in 2 nights now!

4. Having this big of a family, we usually have plans every weekend. A football game, a basketball tournament, visiting family, something is always going on. But this weekend? Nuttin'! Nodda! Zip! Zero! Zilch! Oh man, it's going to be so nice! We can have a lazy breakfast tomorrow morning, no rushing to get some kid somewhere. We can do yard work at a leisurely pace. I'm making a big ham dinner! It's going to be fantastic!

5. I can't tell you how much I love our school. Shout out.... ! (McKenzie is on the website. On the main page there is a picture show, I believe she's in picture #5) Heather, Patty, Lisa, Steve, Mary-Beth, Rod, and guys are the best! I was in the office yesterday morning talking to our Secretary, Heather Hall. I was just chatting about this's and that's, and she truly cared about us. Was actually concerned, and told me everything would be alright. Jacob's teacher, Mary-Beth Bouma, overheard the conversation, and when I went out in the hall...she hugged me. Hugged me! Last night was Father's Night at school. Mr. Goose Poop took the 6 school kids up there for the evening. He came home saying how awesome the teachers are! So today I am also thankful for them. For all the support they give our family without even knowing it!

These are the two boys that are going over to their buddie's tonight for the sleep over. Would it be embarassing if I packed them those matching pj's?!?



You're sons are beautiful! And I totally feel you on the 'love-hate' husband being home relationship. The sad thing is, when he's home, all the things I should get done just don't! LOL, ahh, that's why God gave woman man, so she could be distracted. ;)

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