Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happiness is 365 days of joy...

It's been 365 days since Mr. Goose Poop and I got married. Tied the knot. Got hitched. When two became one. One year! And we're still in love! Who'da thunk it?!

As I look back over the year I see how lucky I am. Although Mr. Goose Poop is the most stubborn person I've ever in my life met. Although sometimes I get so mad at him I could spit nails. Although he's turns into Chatty Cathy when he's tipped back a few. Although I sometimes think he's too hard on the gooslings. I also know he's a giant teddy bear, who loves, respects, and honors me. Always. I feel so blessed to have him.

I never have to question his love for me. Anybody can talk about how much they love you, but showing it is what does it for us girls! And he does. He doesn't just tell me how much he loves me, he shows me. Even when he's spitting mad at me. Even when I'm not in the mood to hear how much he loves me, he still shows me. Back in the day, many moons ago, in my former life, I used to live in fear that every fight would mean the end of my marriage. Because it was true. Fight? One of us would walk out, sometimes not coming home for days. I was always walking on egg shells. Doing what ever I could to not fight. And when the inevitable happened, I'd hold my breath. Who'd walk out first? And in the beginning of Mr. Goose Poop's and my relationship, I'd do the same thing. I thought that was just the way it was. Not with him. I'm not going to sit up here and preach about how our marriage is perfect, cuz girlfriend, it ain't!! Far from it. We've had some doozie fights. No way on earth can two people live together and not fight. But when we do, I'm not scared he's going to walk out on me and the family. He's just not the type. It gives me such a sense of security. Who doesn't like to be secure?

I know I've got it good. Mr. Goose Poop is an excellent husband and a great dad. I thank God every day, before bed, for him. I know I'm lucky. He's taught me so many things. Taught me what a marriage is supposed to be. Taught me what it's like to REALLY be loved. Taught me what a husband is supposed to be like.

I don't need expensive jewelry, exotic vacations, a spiffy mansion, name brand clothes, the latest hair styles, or the biggest savings account to know my husband loves me. He always teases me that he loves me more than I love him, but if he really knew, he'd be singing a different tune.

Sometimes I look back over the year, and on one hand I think to myself, I can't believe it's already been a year. Seems like just yesterday we were walking into that church, hand in hand, smiles from ear to ear. And on the other hand I think to myself IT'S ONLY BEEN A YEAR?!?! Not possible. I feel like we've been doing this for way longer than a year!! But whether it feels like one year or 10, the point is...we're still in love. Maybe even more today than yesterday or even last year. And not only do we still love each other, more importantly, we still like each other. Cuz everyone knows you can love someone, but not like them very much. But we do. We love each other, and like each other even more. Suffice to say, we're pretty fond of each other! Yup, I think we'll give it a go at another year. Let's see what the next 365 days has in store for our marriage.

Love you Mr. Goose Poop! Thank you for being such a wonderful and loving husband. I know how blessed I am! I love you...



Congrats! It awesome to hear that you two have had such an amazing first year of marriage. Keep truckin Geese!

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