Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday's Three

1. Cherished
2. Annoyed
3. Change

1. Christmas break is now over. It's back to alarm clocks, school uniforms, and making school lunches. I cherished the time off with the kids. We made the most of break with some fun crafts, lots of adventures, and a few lazy days added in. It was a great mix of sleeping in and staying up late.

2. I'm annoyed at Dear Mother Nature. It's January 5th here in good 'ol Michigan, and we only have a dusting of snow. Plus it's supposed to be 41 degrees tomorrow. Winter in Michigan is supposed to be a fun balance of sledding, snow tubing, ice fishing, hot coco, and movies in front of the electric fireplace. Not open windows, kids playing basketball in only sweatshirts, and mowing the stinkin' lawn! I'm ready for the snow...and I think my kids would agree.

3. At first I couldn't think of anything I want to change. Then, butta bing butta boom...two came to me! I'm going to make a change to the Monday-fall-back-idea when I don't have anything to blog about. Instead of Monday Miss-Haps, it's now going to be Monday's Memory. And, I think Mr. Goose Poop may be changing jobs. Long story, but he started plowing for Mrs. Best Friend's dad's company, and they are thinking they want him to come work there full time, year round. We'll see, but it's a change he thinks he wants to make.


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