Saturday, July 10, 2010

OK, so I've been trying to get some pictures posted of our 4th of July weekend at Nonnie and Poppie's, but damn it, I can't make it work. I must have tried 8 times already. I mean I can get the pictures to post, but for the life of me I can't get them to post where I want them. I can only get them to post all at the top of the page! I don't want that! I want to write a little something, post a picture, write a little more, post another picture, write more yet, post another picture, write more...ok, well, you get the idea! Augh...this is already becoming a pain in my ass!

So lets try we go...everyone with me??

So, for the 4th of July we go to Nonnie and Poppie's (Mr. Goose Poop's mom and step-dad's) cottage. And they put on one hell of a bash let me tell you. Father-in-Law stings fire crackers from a rope, and ties the rope in the air between two trees. This year, I think I heard thru the grapevine, it was 118,000 fire crackers strung up! Yea, I know...same thing I thought the first time I saw it! Who would think to string 118,000 fire crackers from a tree and light them off?!? And what's more...why in the heck would my mother-in-law "allow" this?? But he's been doing it for longer than I've even been alive, and he is actually very responsible about it. (Should "responsible" and "118,000 fire crackers" even be in the same sentence???) Everyone wears ear plugs, the area is completly caution tapped off, and he's wearing complete fire retardant clothing with a weird hat that covers his head and has a shield across his face. He plays the Star Spangled Banner out across the lake, and then it's all systems a go...(Here's where I want to put a picture, lets see if I can make it work...)

(It didn't exactally do what I wanted it to do, but there it is. Posted at the top, I had to move it down. I can tell you, doing that with more than, say, 3 pictures is going to grate on my last nerve!)

Anyway, there it is all set and ready to go at dark.

Now lets see if I can get pictures down here of Poppie lighting them off.

Interesting, huh?!? It's a blast! (By the just took me 17 minutes to get those pictures there!!) I know it looks like we are really close, but it's just the awesome zoom I have on the camera Mr. Goose Poop bought for me. The fire crackers are actually really far away from us, and and HUGE area is caution tapped off.

Then Poppie sets off what the kids call "real fireworks"!

All in all...great weekend! I'll post some random pictures of the kids having fun.

Here is our boat in the boat parade. Our "theme" this year was "God Bless America". See the 3 tubes being pulled behind the boat? And the boat full of kids? At one point we counted over 30 kids there! We had the boat full of kids and 2 adults, and each tube had kids on it, with an adult in the middle tube!!

My Carter, the fish. He wouldn't have gotten out of the water all weekend, if we wouldn't have pulled him out!!

This is how Dylan would have spent his whole weekend had we let him! He's a lover of fishing for sure!

Christian enjoying a melted cupcake!!

Fun on the water trampoline! One of the most favorite things at the cottage!

I'd post more, but quite frankly it's taken me almost 2 hours to do just this post. I'm done now!! Hope you enjoyed a sneek peak at our weekend. Spose I should go pull my kids out of the pool and feed them some grub!



I LOVE it!! Since I have all the time in the world.. this will be GREAT for me, and a good way to stay in touch!!! GOOD JOB RACH!! LOVE IT.. looks like your family had a blast.. and LOVE all the pics of the "small ones!!"

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