Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm annoyed...'s January, right people?!?

I've got 7 kids. Seven kids who love to play outside. And play outside they do. And in turn, they go thru snow gloves like crazy. And I don't buy the cheap-y kind either. By no means do I buy the world's best ski performance gloves either, but I spend about $10 per pair on gloves. I'll call them "fairly" good snow gloves. Well, it's the middle of winter, and they are all about due for new gloves again to get them thru the rest of winter.

So I go shopping. For gloves. Pfffttt...riiiiiight!! Why is it so friggin' hard to find snow gloves in JANUARY?!? Let me re-phrase that....WHY CAN'T I FIND ANY GLOVES IN JANUARY?!?? Let me remind's January Michigan! Who in the world doesn't have snow gloves in stock right now?!?

Know how many stores I went to looking for them? Let us count...I went to...Meijer, Target, Walmart, Kohl's, K-Mart, Burlington Coat Factory, Big Lots, and even MC Sporting Goods. I found one pair at K-mart! I couldn't even find any at the stinkin' sporting goods store. You know, the one that sells SKIING EQUIPMENT?!? No ski gloves though! But want to know what I found TONS of??! Bathing suits! That's right, bathing suits! Who buys a bathing suit in January?! Oh yea, those people that take vacations in January, that's right. Well should think about that before January. Or wear last years model. So the stores stop putting bathing suits out in January! You're the minority here, not me, the mom who needs gloves for her kids in the middle of winter! What are people buying more of? Bathing suits or snow gloves? I'm going to go out on a limb here and just throw the guess out there of snow gloves! I can find those stupid little knit gloves all over the damn place. But, c'mon, who wears those ridiculous things? Especially out in the snow? That's one. No one at all!!

I'm so frustrated right now! I can't believe I can't find gloves for my kids in the middle of winter. I guess if they were polar bears, I'd be all set. Then they'd actually need the bathing suits to, you know, swim in the freezing cold! But they're not, so the bathing suits do me no good what so ever. None. Nodda. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

I know you're going to ask me why I don't either buy the kids nice quality gloves at the beginning of the year, or why I don't just buy them all 2 pairs to start the winter. I've got perfectly good answers for both of those questions. I did buy a super nice quality pair of gloves for one of my kids one year. I got them on a major clearance event one time. And I still paid too much for them. It was a $60 pair of gloves for $17. I bought them, and know what...come January they were already ripped. Yes, they were ski gloves, but they certainly didn't hold up to what my kid put them thru. And I was back at square one. So, no more expensive nice quality gloves anymore. And as far as buying them 2 pairs of gloves at the beginning of the year...I already have to buy them new boots, new snow pants (snow pants don't usually make it long enough to pass down), hats, and gloves. Sometimes even new winter coats. If I bought them all an extra pair of $10 gloves, that's an extra $70! I don't usually have $70 burning a hole in my pocket. Especially when we've already spent an average of $50 per kid on winter attire.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking too it!!

But maybe I need to cut the excuses, and just buy them an extra pair. But I won't like it that's for sure. Better yet....HELLO RETAIL STORES....I've got an idea...HOW ABOUT YOU STOCK WINTER GLOVES IN WINTER. Sounds simple, huh?! And you lucky bums that get to go on vacation in your suits in July or wear last year's so people stop buying those dumb bathing suits in January!

Off my soap box now, and back to my regularly scheduled life!!



I hate when this happens! You really can't find gloves in January...or swimsuits in July. It's like if you don't buy early, you are out of luck!


'Fess up, Missy. Mommy and daddy saved your bacon YET AGAIN. We purchased all the gloves you needed for $2.99 at Menards yesterday. And I got to call YOU seventeen times while YOU were at Meijer -- that was the best part of all!!!

Marvi Marti

I seriously wanted to throw something when I saw swim suits in the stores already. Here in Cincinnati we have had snow in April..IT IS WINTER who wants to think swim suits when we all feel like pasty white polar bears???

Mothers' Hideaway

Omg I get the same way! I was in Target last week and wanted to get a sweater. Instead I was greeted by an awesomely cute bikini that I will never be able to wear again! BAAAH

Mom to Many

Thanks for the "follow." I returned the favor. Too cool you have 7 too!
Can't wait to read your blog!


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