Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pin-spire me baby!

If you are new to Earth, and haven't heard of Pinterest, go check it out here. It's a devil of a website, tricking you into believing your Martha Damn Stewart.  Suddenly, what normal people believe is a plain brown entertainment center, you know is actually a fancy, tricked out, hot pink play kitchen center for your kids.  You now look at every t-shirt you ever owned, and mentally picture a cute tank top.  Quarters that most people would throw in the change jar are now uber cool rings.  You find wedding photos that make you want to divorce your husband, and marry him all over again just to carry out all your "Pinterest Wedding Dreams".  You throw Great Aunt Gertrude's Apple Pie recipe out with the bath water (that's infused with coconut oil, cuz, you know, Pinterest told you it'd give you baby soft skin), to try the 413,235,143 recipes you have pinned.  You now have a to-do list that includes organizing your cupboards, linen closet, pantry, medicine cabinet, desk, laundry room, and garage.  You have next season's wardrobe all planned out on your "My Style" board. 

But I digress, I've succumbed to the herding of the sheep.  Pinterest rocks. my. world!  (As i type, I'm soaking a Smuckers Jelly Jar lid in acetone to take the writing off the lid...who knew!?!)  I probably make at least one thing off Pinterest a week.  And when I pinned this quote a couple weeks ago, I knew I was so making this bad boy!

The pin-spiration......

I mean, c'mon...perfect, right?  So true, too!  So I gathered my supplies.  Thank fully I had all I needed right in my handy dandy completely destroyed craft closet.  I will admit though, a completely destroyed craft closet comes in handy with this Pinterest crap.  All that shit you've been saving for a rainy day??  Yea, it totally has a purpose now. 

Anywho...I found a canvas and some paint.  I then drew it out on a piece of paper first, so I kinda sorta knew the look I was going for.

Then I painted the canvas a solid blue.  Obviously, you can use what ever color you choose.  I actually chose the blue we used in our bedroom, but under normal circumstances, I would have used a basic tempra paint. 

I paint on canvas all the time, and pretty much consider myself an old pro.  Okay, not a pro per say, but I do know what I'm doing.  After I painted the base coat and let it dry, I went to go draw in pencil the design I wanted to paint.  But since I didn't use tempra paint, I used laytex paint, the pencil wasn't showing up.  So I had to use a pen. 

I was so excited to get this project done and tell those annoying Security Alarm Door-to-Door Salesmen to shove it, I forgot to snap a shot before I stared painting.

You can see where I wrote out what I wanted to paint.  Again, if you use a tempra paint, a pencil should do the trick.  That way when you make a mistake, or don't center something correctly (cuz you will mess up!) you can just erase, GENTLY, the mistake and keep right on-a-goin'.  I had to use pen, made a mistake, had to bust out the blue paint again, paint over my mistake, wait for it to dry, then keep right on-a-goin'.  Pain. in. the. ass.

A project like this will often times need 2 coats over the wording.  Not all the time, but usually.  And since I had to use pen, the pen bled through the first coat.  As you can see here...

I waited for the first coat of lettering to dry, which was about 30 minutes, then went over it again with another coat.  You can still see the bleed of the pen just a bit, but it really isn't that bad at all.  Only really if you'rethisclosetoit can you see the bleed.  From a distance no one's the wiser.

Finished product.  Ready to tell those pesky salesmen to get lost!

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