Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please ignore!!

I think I just learned something new about blogging, and I want to try it. Just ignore me here....

If you click *here* does it take you to my letter to Santa??

If you so blatantly decided to ignore my request to ignore this post, and are still reading...well, I'm still alive! Still doing well. Mr. Goose Poop is laid off right now, so we've been getting a whole bunch of crap-o-la done around the house. He is a construction worker, so he's usually laid off from about December-ish until around May-ish. So this is usually when we work on the house.

Over the past few years we've gutted the dining room down to the studs, and re-built it back up, including half of the kitchen. We've ripped out the upstairs bathroom, down to the kitchen ceiling and built 'er back up. And lots of other smaller projects. Seems like my house is always under construction this time of year. Last week while I was nursing my father-in-law back to health, Mr. Goose Poop built in a dishwasher for me. New cabinet, new countertop, new dishwasher! Love it! But that's a whole 'nother story in itself!! (Nothing ever goes smoothly in our house like it's supposed to. Or so Mr. Goose Poop thinks anyway, but that's for a different day!!)

We emptied most of the stuff out of our living room today. The only thing remaining is our couches, a table, and our tv is still hung up on the wall. But come Thursday night, it's all headed downstairs. Because Friday morning we are going to start tearing down the living room walls and ceiling, to insulate and drywall. So after we empty the living room today and call our friend to be here to help hang drywall on Monday morning, Mr. Goose Poop gets a call...

Wait for it...wait for it...yup...he goes back to work on Thursday morning! WHAT!?!?

I mean, yea, I'm so happy he's going back to work. Not only because a normal paycheck sounds nice, but we're about to kill each other over here! But, seriously?!? Right now? Why can't the call have come in like a week? My living room is about to be down to studs, and my husband is going back to work! Oye!!

Plus I'm right in the middle of my cookie sale for Girl Scouts and I want to friggin' scream! I have 1500 boxes of cookies I need to pick up next Monday, sort, and deliver to parents. We have 2 Cookie Booths coming up. Ahh...I can't even think about it right now.

I could go on and on. Can't we all?!? Don't we all have so much going on all the time?! I want to be 16 again. Can I please? Please oh please? With a cherry on top?

I'm off to go...go, do something. I'm not sure yet what it is, but I'm sure there's something that needs my attention!!

Oh yea, can you comment and let me know if that link takes you to my Santa Letter Post?? Mmmmkaythanks!



Yes, and I have about had it with that old faker too! Who does he think he is, yeah the kids got hollered at, but dangit when they lose their little minds and do things that you could never imagine. What are you supposed to do?

I mean really, if a week went by that I didn't have to run a forgotten lunch, or 6 different trips back and forth to school and the store, (In one day mind you...)What are you supposed to do?

It's hard to keep your cool, when you have an overflowing toilet with nary a plunger in sight, kids shouting questions as you are running through the house trying to find the water shut-off. The dog scratching to go out, the phone ringing off the hook, and dinner waiting to be made. All while you just want 30 min. to let Calgon take you away.

I say we should get the skinny thighs, fat wallets, and a medal for the amount of turmoil and heartache we have to endure daily.

The up side is, we still get the guys of our dreams, children that folks compliment all the time. Along with a rag-tag family who when the stars and moon align, we get to hang out with for awhile.

All in all, wish in one hand and be thankful for what's in the other.

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